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  • 2013 MTM R8 V10 BITURBO GT

    MTM, the Bavarian manufacturer showcased its latest product the R8 V10 Biturbo GT at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. The R8 V10 Biturbo GT is burnished to a high gloss, now generating a whopping 802 bhp with the aid of an original RS6 engine and a top speed only being reached beyond 350 km/h.


    In terms of the chassis, MTM has plumped for a 3-way adjustable special chassis, a set of BIMOTO design polished 20″ forged wheels and 380 mm diameter brakes on the front and rear axle.

    MTM is responsible for Super Power, 310 bhp in lieu of 204 bhp, modified MTM brake system, air suspension and 20″ Bimoto wheels come together in an impressive statement of high tech and luxury.


    The high-quality interior is tailored to perfection to the power pack, comfortable armchairs, contemporary communication and conference technology and high-quality displays create an ambiance in which meetings can be held without compromise while driving at a brisk pace.


    To make it even more attractive, KLASSEN and MTM agreed to transform the bus into a Super Van by uncompromisingly harnessing their respective core businesses. The motto, power meets luxury. Known as the T 300 Business, it currently represents the non plus ultra for the comfortable business trip



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