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    For 60 years the two letters “SL” have had a mystical resonance among automotive enthusiasts. They stand for powerful sportiness, exciting design, effortlessly superior style, technical innovations and the ultimate in engineering artistry. The Mercedes-Benz SL-Class inherited these genes from its forefather, designed as a racing car.

    In 1952 it came to the international race tracks, saw and conquered. It was from this car that Mercedes-Benz derived the first series-production model in 1954, the legendary 300 SL gullwing. And ever since, Mercedes-Benz has been setting the bar high in the luxury sports car segment with the SL over five model generations.

    The new generation of the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class now being presented is the sixth to follow the 1952 racing car. In the unique tradition of the SL it is entering its era as an athlete, refined aesthete and innovative trendsetter with an extraordinarily high utility value. Mercedes-Benz is initially offering the new SL with two engines as the SL350 with a V6 engine and as the SL500 with a V8. The new BlueDIRECT engines have an output of 225 kW (306 hp) in the SL350 and 320 kW (435 hp) in the SL500.

    There are two suspension variants from which to choose. The SL is supplied as standard with semi-active adjustable damping lowered by ten millimetres in the AMG sports package. The active suspension system ABC (Active Body Control) is available as an optional extra. Unique the world over, it has been enhanced especially for the new SL.

    The interior of the new SL impresses with its generous amount of space, high-quality materials, high sense of perceived value and lovingly crafted details displaying tangible and visible precision. In the area of the dashboard, four circular ventilation outlets provide some striking eye-catching touches. Set in metal, these air vents are reminiscent of jet engines and are a contemporary, emotively interpreted way of paying homage to the history of Mercedes-Benz sports cars.

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