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    Icona has revealed the 2013 Icona Vulcano at the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show. The Icona Vulcano brings together different skills and expertise of a very Italian tradition. The Icona Vulcano is coachbuilt by Cecomp, founding partner of Icona Shanghai and one of the global leaders in modeling and prototyping in the automotive industry.

    icona-vulcano-2013-widescreen-20 The Icona Vulcano is a front engine V12 two door two seater car reaching up to 950 horsepower, the top speed will be around 350 km/h, and 0-200 km/h will be well under ten seconds. The powertrain of the Icona Vulcano is the work of well known Claudio Lombardi, former powertrain technical director of Ferrari and mastermind of numerous world champion cars.

    icona-vulcano-2013-widescreen-25 The wheels of the Icona Vulcano are forged aluminium, 20 x 10″ in the front and 21 x 12.5″ in the rear. Icona has selected Pirelli P Zero ultra high performance tyres. The Icona Vulcano braking system has been supplied by Brembo. The GT-R brakes are the finest high performance aftermarket braking system ever engineered for production.

    icona-vulcano-2013-widescreen-02 Based on further development of this advanced technology, the Icona Vulcano will also be available in a four wheel drive alternative this time a twin turbo V6 engine coupled with two electric motors for front traction will deliver a total power of 870 HP, and in an overall set up made to be a record beating Nurburgring champion. This masterful combination was successfully tested only a few months ago at San Marino with the Lancia 037 (Ex World Champion Rally) transformed by Beppe Volta into a 4WD hybrid. Made by ACTUA together with Italtecnica, the Lancia 037 4WD-H beat its previous record in every way.

    icona-vulcano-2013-widescreen-04The idea for the Vulcano first emerged in 2012, when Icona was invited to exhibit its acclaimed electric concept car the Fuselage at the 27th Festival Automobile International in Paris as a finalist in the World’s Most Beautiful Concept Car competition. A new goal was set, if Icona could win hearts with the Fuselage, a four seater sedan, how many more people could they win over with a glamorous two seater super sport? The idea for the Icona Vulcano was born.

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