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  • 2013 GTA SPANO

    GTA Motor officially launched the production version of GTA Spano at the 2012 Geneva International Motor Show. The main innovations included in this car compared to the prototype version, which debuted a year before at the same Swiss trade fair, lie in its exterior design. Production model introduces new components, such as front and side air intakes, a front bonnet, rear-view mirrors and a door-opening system. At the rear, we find lots of innovative aspects, such as a new large-sized diffuser, which confer it a more modern and aggressive look, among others technical innovations.

    The technological experience and the development of applied innovations became the basic factor behind this project, and contributed revolutionary technical solutions in the automobile sector. GTA intends to convert this technological transfer into a launching point for a new pioneering automobile industry in Spain. Designed by GTA Motor’s engineering director, Valencian-born Sento Pallardo, GTA Spano boasts the most advanced technology, innovative aesthetics, researched aerodynamics and a good number of solutions for the future, all of which are capable of competing with international prestigious brands in terms of both image and performance.

    Access to the interior is accomplished by pressing the GTA logotype, rendering it a more elegant design without traditional handles. Its frontal view affords it with a strong personality along with its two large lateral air intakes and its convex bonnet, completed with an aerodynamic streamlining zone to facilitate the air flow, thus providing it an athletic look.

    At the rear, the design department has attempted to create the best way to channel the air that flows under the car. The resulting effect is a rear design with plenty of character, marked by the use of glass with its small openings that perform a refrigeration function for the engine. The wing fits perfectly into the design with under air channelling, while the two air intakes and the twin exhaust system emphasise the vehicle’s sport character. There is a rear barrel to channel air and to improve the aerodynamic load.

    The interior design has been achieved with high-quality materials such as leather and carbon fibre. There is ample space indeed a person over 2 meters high can be comfortably seated inside. Its panoramic glass roof enhances the sense of spaciousness and also improves luminosity inside. The dashboard has been designed to transmit the car’s values although it has a sporting look, it is also elegant to give an impression of luxury and comfort.

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