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    2013 Ferrari California has an updated 4.3-liter V-8 to start, now rated at 483 hp and 372 lb-ft (up 30 hp and 15 lb-ft), thanks in large part to new piston and exhaust manifold designs, along with a reprogrammed ECU.The California will launch itself in as little as 3.5 seconds to 100km/h and an 11.9 second quarter at 188km/h.The great fact is it can also touch 312 km/h.

    Other enhancements include a new optional Handling Special package with lightning-fast Magnetorheological dampers, stiffer springs and a quicker steering ratio. Lastly, Ferrari is offering owners a more extensive choice of colors, including two-tone finishes like the one seen here, to increase exclusive personalization.

    The California boasts a hardtop convertible design that reduces wind noise and creates a more coupe-like aesthetic in the upright position, though it does weigh more than a traditional fabric top. For extra versatility, this GT sports a pair of cramped back seats that are better utilized for carrying luggage than passengers.

    Inside, the California rewards owners with surprising attention to detail and a quality feel that has not always been present in cars bedecked with the prancing horse badge. Front seats are firm but comfortable, while the rear 2+2 seats are best reserved for children, pets or cargo. Overall, the interior may come across as plain to those accustomed to more ornamentation in the cockpit.

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