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    Pasukan F1 Caterham kurang mempunyai kejayaan. Jadi, selain perlumbaan paling berprestij di dunia syarikat ini tampil dengan sedikit pembaharuan untuk menunjukkan sesuatu yang menarik di trek, syarikat milik rakyat Malaysia yang berpangkalan di UK memutuskan untuk menangkap perhatian hujung minggu ini di Grand Prix Singapura dengan membawa satu konsep baru yang dikenali sebagai konsep AeroSeven yang dibangunkan dengan Renault.

    Berikut adalah AeroSeven specification di http://kereta.info :


    PRICE – Harga pasaran luar AeroSeven : Concept Car only
    Engine specification : 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine
    Horse power hp = 237
    Torque NM = 219
    0-100 KMH = 3.7 seconds
    Top speed KMH = 249
    FC Fuel consumption km/l = –
    Dimension length width height mm = –


    AeroSeven additional features / review / news :


    Caterham Cars is excited to unveil a new performance concept road car that for the first time combines the skills, expertise and superior technology of the entire Caterham Group. Caterham Technology & Innovation (CTI) has worked closely with Caterham F1 Team, Caterham Composites and Caterham Cars to bring a new evolution of the British sportscar to the market.




    The AeroSeven Concept demonstrates how yet again Caterham is breaking the boundaries and raising the benchmark in the performance car market. It is stunningly unique and advanced, featuring the introduction of new technology while remaining true to Caterham’s philosophy of delivering accessible fun. The AeroSeven Concept hints a styling direction for future models, including the all-new sportscar being developed in conjunction with Renault that is due for release in early 2016.


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