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    It adds additional performance and appearance features like dual exhaust, sport pedals, rear spoiler and all the standard features from the Leather (1SL) and Convenience (1SG) models, including heated leather steering wheel and seats, premium nine-speaker Bose audio system plus the Buick QuietTuning and ride.

    The car independently sprung MacPherson units still manage to keep the nose headed quickly in the requested direction. And, critically, they offer a smoothly modulated ride over bumps and swales. The Verano, as ever, feels particularly well balanced for a front wheel drive vehicle when moving from corner to corner, though the Turbo certainly does nothing to break new ground in the sport handling department.

    This car is all about American-style personal luxury. Although a compact, it rides big, with a cushy suspension that ignores all but the largest road imperfections as it moves through the day in a bubble of comfort and quietude. Both its body and upscale interior design are ported from Buickā€™s larger vehicles, just pared down to size.

    The other force evident in the Turbo is headlined by the 2.0T engine, and to a lesser extent, in the case of our test car, the six-speed manual gearbox that manages its power. In the accessible, forceful thrust of this 250 horsepower,it is pretty existing brand stereotypes. The company lists a 0-100km/h time of 6.2 seconds.

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