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    The successor of the legendary Murcielago sets new standards in the segment of super sports cars and Lamborghini unbridled the Aventador for the boulevards and racetracks of the world. Since the lead time is already more than a year before delivery, the solvent matador got enough time to sort out the exclusive group of luxury tuners and their offfers. Wheelsandmore from Baesweiler in Germany has been made in this segment for years and earned a name and therefore does not stop at Lamborghini┬┤s sharpest weapon.

    Serial 700hp and 690nm torque are pulling at the 4 drive shafts of the V12 monster and provide a top speed of 350 km/h. After only 2.9s the sprint from a standstill up to 100 km/h is a thing of the past. Since power cannot be a sin, Wheelsandmore developed a software upgrade, which has been adapted to the higher throughput of the valve-controlled exhaust system and a special carbon fibre airbox. Moderate but effectively the luxury tuner increases the overall performance up to stable 777hp at additionaly 60nm of torque.

    Visually, the ultralight forged 3-piece wheel model 6Sporz convinced again and clings to the front axle in 10,0×20″ with 255/30/20 and on the rear axle in brute 12.5×21″ with 355/25/21 tires from Pirelli perfectly to the body the Lambo. The outside rims are wearing the same new mocha-brown color as the whole Aventador and the weight optimized centers are finished in elegant matte black. An exclusive program with selected carbon components is currently under development and will complete the portfolio of the Aventador refinement.

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