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    As spring already shows its best at many places, Ferrari´s latest convertible, the 458 Italia Spider, does not want to be inferior. Also Wheelsandmore reveals his sunny disposition and completes their 458-program with finest carbon elements entitled “Perfetto”.

    So far the luxury tuner limited all programs in producing handmade forged wheels, exhausts, performance enhancements and suspension components. Now Wheelsandmore offers an armada of perfectly fitting and weight reducing carbon components for the Ferrari 458 Italia.

    For the exterior the German cartuner provides only 100% full carbon fibre parts as rear diffuser, fuel cap, rear fog lamp frames, mirrors and spoiler fins. The interior, trunk and engine compartment is refined with side panels, a custom-fit trunk tray and a final panel for the rear window trim. Even the wheelhousings and the entire under-floor can be refined by replacing the autoclave produced high-performance carbon-fibre components with a matte finish. Using all elements of the „Perfetto program“ will reduce the vehicle´s weight around 30 kgs.

    Even with the previously offered, maximum power increasement up to 621hp, the company now offers a newly developed Carbonairbox. Many years of knowledge from the racing and motor sport gained in the realization of the larger and throughput-optimized box, which results in the new performance stage III and a significant power increase in the amount of additional 26 hp / 19 nm up to a final 647hp / 635 nm of output. This increasement is achieved by installation of manifolds, valve-controlled exhaust system, a software upgrade and the described carbon-airbox.

    The  Perfetto creation is completed due customizable forged rims of the type 6Sporz, which are finished sizing 9.0×21″ with 245/30/21″ tires on the front and 12.5×21″ with 345/25/21“ Hankook S1Evo tires at the rear axle. Since almost all Wheelsandmore products are handcrafted to customer requirements, individual productions are always welcome.

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