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    The Volvo C70 has a smart three-piece steel roof, practical seating for four adults and world-leading convertible safety. With a refined design and elevated premium feel, the C70 also delivers an “I want” aura of absolute world class.

    2012 VOLVO C70


    The nose is more wedge-shaped and has been given added three-dimensional depth by moving some elements of the front both longitudinally and vertically. The headlamps and the decor around the fog lamps, for instance, have been angled offset up and to the rear, at the same time as the detailing of the lower grille has been enhanced.


    The Volvo C70 reveals traces of the S60 that was unveiled in early 2010. This brings the C70 more closely to the design language of the larger cars in the Volvo model range. From head-on, the front forms an open, inviting “V”. The enlarged iron mark and the enlarged air intake reinforce the self-assured stance. The shoulder line swings up towards the rear to give an impression of dynamism and reinforces the feeling of a protective collar around those travelling in the back.

    The Volvo C70 transforms smoothly from a cosy coupe into an open convertible. Just press a button and the three-piece steel roof folds away quickly (about 30 seconds) and silently, disappearing neatly into the boot. A new, exciting possibility is to combine a selection of C70 exterior colours with a roof in contrasting Silver Metallic.


    The interior creates a unique ambience in the Volvo C70. The instrument panel has been redesigned, giving it a wider, sleeker look, and the surface of the panel has a new texture that enhances the feeling of quality. The exclusive instruments, with gauges and graphics specific to the C70, are yet another example of how the car’s premium feeling has been emphasised still further. The interior features around the driver are designed to give the owner a stronger perception of being rewarded behind the wheel. The seats are upholstered in soft hide and general attention to the finish of the various details makes driving a more pleasurable experience.

    The five-cylinder 2-litre turbodiesel introduced in the all-new Volvo S60 is now available throughout Volvo Cars’ model range. The five-cylinder D3 is in principle the same engine as the well-established 2.4-litre diesel, but its displacement has been reduced with a shorter stroke to optimise fuel consumption. The engine has been optimised for low fuel consumption and the injection system has a different type of piezoelectric fuel injector compared with the D5 engine. These injectors minimise consumption with exceptionally rapid and precise injection pulses under high pressure. This promotes extremely efficient combustion.



    Lorinser developed a customization program for the Infiniti FX to target Russion market. The tuning package provides new front apron with fitted LED daytime running lights, roof spoiler, re-designed rear apron, two double tailpipes and sleek side skirts.

    Developed initially exclusively for the Russian market, this customization programme is also considered to be sold in other markets, should the demand increase. Stylish coordinated components turn the front of the Lorinser conversion into adynamic eye-catcher. The latest development and highlight in the rim programme is an especially light 22-inch alloy wheel. Characteristic of the modern style of the Lorinser monoblock designare the five triple-slotted spokes. But the visual finesse is not the only thing the RS9 has to offer.

    Modern manufacturing methods, precisely machined surfaces, and the application of special aluminum alloys guarantee highest bearing loads at the lowest possible weight. The wheel-tyre combination has been designed especially for theInfiniti and provides the vehicle with a bespoken grip. At the front and rear axle, the 22-inch wheels are fitted with high performance tires Continental CROSS CONTACT, size 285/35R22.


    The new front apron with fitted LED daytime running lights turn the design of the front end into an unmistakable identifying feature. At the rear, the downforce-reducing roof spoiler inspires as much as the redesigned rear apron andthe two double tailpipes for the standard exhaust system. Matching all this, Lorinser adorns the wings of the Infinity FX with sleek side skirts


    As a supplement to the existing production-type interior features, there is everything your heart’s desire from personalized foot mats to complete leather furnishings. All equipment details are produced with the highest degree of craftsmanship and precision.

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