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  • 2012 SUBARU XV

    The Subaru XV 2012 is a new type of crossover SUV that not only projects a great presence despite its compact sporty design, but also boasts a range of new features never seen before in an SUV. While the proportions of the Subaru XV convey a sense of elegance and lightness, its exterior design combines high ground clearance, large tire wheels, and all of the other features one would normally expect to find in an SUV.

    What’s more, superior drive performance and fuel efficiency made possible by Subaru next-generation power unit are joined here with the excellent maneuverability for which Subaru is renowned and an extremely high level of functionality. Thanks to the symmetrical All-Wheel-Drive and advanced Subaru Dynamic Chassis Control Concept two core Subaru technologies this vehicle feels incredibly safe and secure to drive.

    And as such, the new XV adds unique Subaru value to the ever-growing C-segment crossover market. Not only have Subaru made it possible to truly provide “safety and pleasure” as defined in our new brand statement, “Confidence in Motion,” but in this new strategic model, it has been realized a unique Subaru persona a persona that Subaru fully intends to further enhance going forward. Subaru is confident that the Subaru XV will thoroughly satisfy the needs of a diverse range of customers.

    The fundamental product concept that Subaru adopted for the Subaru XV can be expressed in two simple words  “Urban Adventure.” In specific terms, a vehicle that would be perfectly suited to exciting, lively use in a city landscape. Thus, Subaru strove to optimally balance enhanced basic performance factors in the form of fuel efficiency and enjoyable driving (Fun to Drive) with a stylish, highly distinctive exterior design. As the Subaru crossover family continues to grow, the stylish Subaru XV is unique in the way it can be both sporty and casual.

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