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  • 2012 SSC TUATARA

    2012 awaits the entry of the newest offering from Shelby Super Cars (SSC), the 2012 SSC Tuatara.

    This car is aimed to unseating the Bugatti Veyron SS as the fastest car in the world. Jerod Shelby, founder and CEO of SSC, unveiled the Tuatara in the presence of a few people from the industry. Jerod Shelby is not related to Carroll Shelby, the legend behind all those muscle cars. The name of this supercar is derived from the Maori language that describes a resident reptile from New Zealand, Tuatara, means “peaks at the back.”

    As for the engine, Jerod Shelby’s team of engineers has come up with a rear wheel drive, quad cam (four valves per cylinder OHC), twin turbo V8 engine. This 7 Liter engine produces 1350 HP and revs up to 9000 rpmBraking is aided by traction control, ABS with servo assistance, and the use of carbon ceramic brakes by Brembo. It comes in at 2646 lbs (1200 kgs) curb weight, which puts it at 1407 lbs(638 kgs) lighter than the Veyron. Little, if any, change has been done on the suspension in which SSC keeps the coil over setup intact along with the triple plate carbon clutch mechanism.

    The body design of the Tuatara was rendered by Jason Castriota, an Italian-American designer who has been instrumental in creating some of the best looking cars in the world. Among his creations include the best in the industry, Bertone, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, and Pininfarina. Castriota was unsure whether he wanted to take on the challenge presented to him by Jerod Shelby in designing this latest from SSC.


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