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    Last month at Dubai Motor Show 2011, Mansory brought a white version of the Mansory Range Rover Sport package developed by Mansory Switzerland.The off-road vehicle has some considerable changes both aesthetic and aerodynamic performance with regard to both petrol and diesel models. This is a very flashy version of the Range Rover with which those who have the desire to buy it will not go unnoticed. Let’s see after the jump which interventions Mansory has done on this SUV.

    Among the new aerodynamic parts is a new front spoiler with vertically arranged LED daytime running lights and a large vertical vents. A new bonnet with a large power dome made using CFK.This new bonnet is to accommodate modified engines. With new releases, the remapping of the ECU and the sport air filters by Mansory Range Rover Sport gets 30 hp and 40 Nm of torque than the base model.


    Vehicle Type : Range Rover Sport Mansory
    Model Year : 2012
    Color : White
    Engine No. : 11081903373508ps
    Chassis Number : SALLSAAE4CA718195


    Front Bumper – Design:
    CFK, Primed, Consist primed CFK Front Bumper Skirt, Air Intake Grid Set, LED Day Time Running Lights and Xenon Corner Lights.

    Rear Bumper – Design
    CFK, Primed, Consist primed CFK Rear Bumper Skirt, Diffuser, Rear Hatch Trim with Mansory Switzerland Logo and stainless steel Exhaust Tips.

    Sport Exhaust System with throttle control, Left & Right Sport Muffler with throttle and remote control.

    CFK Side Skirts fender & Door Extension Panels.

    Front Fender Extension.

    CFK made Side Skirts and Door Extension Panels.

    Rear Fender Extension.

    CFK primed Engine Bonnet with integrated Air Intake Scoop and side wise aituated Air Outtake.

    CFK made Radiator Grille.







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