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    The Infiniti Emerg-E Concept, which made its debut at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, is a highly advanced mid-ship sports car that provides an exciting glimpse into Infiniti’s future. Infiniti Emerg-E is physical proof of Infiniti’s intention to produce a bold halo model befitting the brand’s promise of Inspired Performance, and also signals an array of exciting new technologies that the brand will adopt in its quest to build dramatic and sustainable high performance cars. Infiniti Emerg-E also provides a fresh expression of Infiniti’s design language applied to a high performance, mid-ship sports car for the first time.

    Infiniti Emerg-E is also significant for being the first Infiniti that has been developed in Europe. More than that, its advanced technology deliberately draws on the knowledge of suppliers beyond Infiniti’s usual base in the quest to uncover the most innovative hardware and the deepest knowledge base.

    Within its compact 4.464m length the two-seater Infiniti Emerg-E contains a pair of electric motors, a lithium-ion battery pack, four inverters, a three-cylinder range-extending internal combustion engine and a petrol tank. All this is efficiently wrapped within highly aerodynamic, light bodywork characterised by a design fluency that could only come from Infiniti.

    Infiniti Emerg-E is a highly advanced, mid-ship, electric motors powered sports car concept. It projects Infiniti’s already-advanced electric vehicle technology deep into the future with a range-extender powertrain that delivers the performance expected of sports car bearing the Infiniti badge. Combining thrilling performance with the scope to drive in urban conditions for up to 30 miles with zero emissions, it emits no more than 55g/km of CO2 (NEDC cycle) over a 300 mile combined range. Infiniti Emerg-E lays down a radical new marker for mid-ship sports cars, and explores one of a number of the alternative propulsion avenues that Infiniti is considering.

    Creating a sporty, dynamic and unusual flagship is one inspiration for the Infiniti Emerg-E programme, but equally important is Infiniti’s continued exploration of alternative propulsion systems, a logical next-step for a company that is already selling the advanced Infiniti M35h. That exploration takes an unusual form with Infiniti Emerg-E, its range extender driveline a first for Infiniti

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