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    Marketed alongside Citroen’s main range, the DS line explores new automotive territory. Based on more radical choices, it opens new perspectives in premium vehicle design. Inspired by ninety years of history and automotive excellence, the DS line illustrates the best of Citroen expertise in terms of creativity and technology. Two years after its launch, the DS line comprising the Citroen DS3, DS4 and DS5 has already notched up more than 200,000 sales.

    Following on from the Citroen DS3, DS4 and DS5, concept car Numero 9 takes a fresh look at the DS line. It is a new take on a body style with recognised prestige in automotive history the shooting brake. Subtly combining the proportions of a coupe with those of an estate, Numero 9 hints at exceptional driving sensations, with its taut lines, long bonnet and ultra low stance 1.27 m tall on its 21 inch wheels. But it also promises unique onboard comfort, with its generous proportions and the three light shafts in the roof, creating a unique, friendly ambience for all passengers.

    Great care went into every detail of concept car Numero 9, which is a stylish embodiment of the heritage and sophistication of the DS line. Designed in Paris, the capital of fashion in its most superb and universal form, Numero 9 opens a new chapter in the styling of the DS. Numero 9 sublimates the design cues cultivated by the DS line and introduces the new front-end identity of future models in the DS line, along with an original light signature. The new front end features a grille in 3D relief, flowing into the full-LED headlights, which end in daytime-running lights. The overall effect gives Numero 9 a strong, hypnotic and unique gaze.

    Combining the genes of a coupe and shooting brake, Numero 9 has elegant, thoroughbred looks, with solid, sculpted proportions revealing subtle lines of tension. In this way, Numero 9 cultivates its status through its distinctive and sophisticated character. The concept car condenses the distinctive forms of the DS line. The most expressive features include the floating roof, underlined by a chrome trim with a discreet DS marking, and the glazed side surfaces flowing into the rear window. Last, through its body colours and materials, Numero 9 displays both mystery and sophistication. Its deep black bodywork with subtle hints of violet, baptised ‘Whisper”, is a perfect match for the warmer shade of the ‘californian” chrome finish.

    The technologies used by concept car Numero 9 combine comfort, safety and respect for the environment, while also delivering subtle but strong driving sensations for all those on board. Creative technologies that perfectly illustrate the Marque’s expertise. Concept car Numero 9 sublimates the DNA of models in the DS line. It expresses radical choices in design with immediately recognisable styling that is both inspired and emotional. Sophistication is allied with a highquality finish for original driving sensations and features that are truly useful every day.

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