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    The legendary Camaro’s return brings with it a fusion of modernity, confidence and soul. Characterised by an immediately recognisable V-shaped nose, bold tail sculpted rear shoulders, the Chevrolet Camaro has been carefully designed to capture the spirit of the legend that first rolled off production lines 45 years ago while creating an thoroughly 21st-century sports car.

    On the outside, the coupé is a modern interpretation of its legendary 1969 predecessor, with strong, wide shoulders, long body, low roofline and large wheels. The convertible is equally striking thanks to its sleek shoulderline and shapely roof that folds down neatly under the rear deck.

    High-intensity discharge headlamps with glowing xenon halo rings, mimicking deep-inset eyes, complement the V-shaped front grille to give the Camaro an aggressive, ready-to-pounce stance. The long, sweeping bonnet and short rear deck accentuate the Camaro’s iconic look and feel, as does the 10cm power bulge, that leaves little doubt as to what lies beneath while emphasising the sports car’s heritage. The body shows off the bold lines that have become a distinguishing feature of Chevrolet cars. Here, the style is clearly defined and the clean, creased lines are set off by muscular wheelarches. In a nod to a design element of the original concept car, vents are stamped into the sheet metal in front of the rear wheel.

    Sculpted rear shoulders set the stage for a stunning rear end. The unique, European-specific LED tail-lights are inset, and complement the image portrayed by the front of the Chevrolet Camaro, while the stainless steel twin exhausts have polished tips and complete the ensemble, creating an appealing blend of technology, design and performance. A lower body crease blends seamlessly along front quarter, door and rear quarter delivering a muscular wheel-orientated cue and refined dynamic appearance, emphasising the Camaro’s rear-wheel capability.

    The 20-inch wheels sit flush with the body, bringing further attention to the car’s ready-to-pounce stance. The only feature more spectacular than the body of the car is what is sits under the bonnet. The interior presents an organised and functional setting, aimed at making the driver’s job easier without losing any of the car’s iconic look and feel. The revised instrument panel presents a classic appearance with contemporary details. The steering wheel offers support for sporty driving and includes cruise control, Bluetooth, iPod/MP3 and stereo functions so the driver can keep eyes on the road and hands upon the wheel.

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