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  • 2012 BMW M3 CRT

    BMW is a key player in manufacturing and producing one of the best and most coveted luxury cars every year. The BMW M3 CRT (carbon racing technology) is the newest addition to the ever-so luxurious and elegant range of cars from BMW. It is the epitome of a perfect blend of state of the art expertise in development and a lightweight design made intelligently.

    This model debuts the innovation in production process in cars using carbon-fiber reinforced plastic components in the industry of automobile. This process will pave the way for CRFP to be introduced in the production of high-performance saloon-based BMW sports cars.

    This model will be produced in limited edition with only 67 units to be sold in the market. This model will enter the automobile market by 2013 and is fully equipped with BMW Active Hybrid drive system technology and a body comprised of CRFP entirely in the passengers’ area. The new development process allows for excess cuttings used in the production of one unit to be reprocessed and used for the production of the next unit.

    This innovation in the manufacturing process of cars creates a considerable potential for the new materials that helps lowering the weight of cars. Truly, this car is an innovation and the new breed of sports cars.

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