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    Volkswagen at Cobra Technology & Lifestyle brought in Germany received the most recent tuner to get them active, Touareg 2011 Volkswagen has just released a first clutch with extra equipment as the SUV model and is equipped with a ‘traditional’ them high-gloss chromium steel components and adjusted alloy design. 2011 Volkswagen Touareg Cobra protected on the front along the 60 mm stainless steel tube electron aims below the bumper, plus side, the German SUV accept and receive a pair of 80 mm stainless steel tube guard, who also played o protective character and allow the ease of access as a representative and out of the car.

    Cobra Technologies offers a stainless steel guard lower to the front bumper along with sidebars 80mm thick rubber surface step coupled with a set of 20-inch alloy wheels shod in 275/45 R20 tires. To facilitate accession and deceasing comfortable with the vehicle Cobra Technology & Lifestyle offers a protective installation rocker board. To ensure safe misuse of this 80-millimeter stainless steel guard tube were combined fictile step. Only brief all but cost data, the front bumper guard with the price of € 395, € 763 in the side bar and alloy wheels at € 510. All Cobra Technology & Lifestyle parts were manufactured in OEM quality and backed by 24 month warranty with unlimited kilometers. Of course, Cobra Technology & lifestyle and offer an extra tool coevals individual as the first of the Touareg.


    Car maker Ford received fresh party issued a series of minivans, the 2010 Ford Fiesta in Europe Minivan Concept and bequeath output begin next year at Ford’s factory in Craivo, Romania. Ford began to get ready for the premiere version of the conception of a small minivan based in Geneva Fiesta adjacent beauty salon next March. Minivan 2010 Ford Fiesta Concept is a blueprint for action pass down the pilot study as a production vehicle that will follow in early 2012 and will replace the current generation Fusion European market, which is based on the previous Fiesta.

    A spokesman for Ford of Europe essentially confirmed the news by telling issue that “this is a B-segment car and will go into an extensive product ahead of time in 2012.”Ford car almighty drop pass and implement the Fusion nameplate moniker B-MAX as it would be an example the lowest in the coverage of Ford MPVs which includes C-MAX and based Focus C-MAX Grand, and the Mondeo-based S-MAX and Galaxy. B-MAX will be a five-seat minivan with sliding rear doors. Now, Ford has no plans to offer auto in North America. In Europe, the car will compete in the small MPV versus like the Opel / Vauxhall Meriva, Citroen C3 Pablo Picasso and Kia Kia Venga.

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