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    The 2011 Quimera All-Electric GT coupe is part of the green based technology program that mainly focuses on research & development (R&D), feasibility of products and the sustainability of available green resources also known as the Quimera project headed by a group of multinational companies.

    This project has successfully demonstrated and been tested for the first prototype for the new All-Electric GT (AEGT) powered batteries sport car that significantly surpass the capability and performance of an ordinary gasoline or petrol engine. The AEGT concept is at its innovative stages of development that will be subject to a series of trial in order to enhance its performance with different environment application and operational testing that will suits the need of future model electric vehicles as needed.

    Technical data shows that after the completion of its first trial run under Altran technical supervision, the 2011 AEGT engine specifications has a three (3) 231-bhp UQM electric motors that is being supplied by numerous stored EIG battery packs made from lithium polymers that could generate a pressure force between 450-700 bhp or a torque of 740lb/ft.

    A top speed of around 187 mph was recorded and can also accelerate from 0-100 kph at a time of 3.0 seconds. The light weight frame body and structure of the AEGT is made up of carbon fiber monocoque that increases its power to weight ratio performance test. Thus, the new AEGT has evolved into a new generation of motorsport vehicles adopting a renewable sources of energy and as well as a healthy and friendly environment of the future.

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