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    On last August 17, 2011, a press release made for the unveiling of the new race-inspired 2011 Lotus Evora GTE Road Car Concept was held at McCall’s Motorwork exhibit at Monterey Jet Center. As a background, the Lotus Evora sport car model was launched during the British International Motor show on 22 July 2008 held every two years at the United Kingdom. The British car manufacturer car plant is located at Hethel, Norfolk, England.

    One of the significant highlights during the event is that for the Lotus car to compete and participate for qualification requirements for the GTE in a race category of the well-renowned 24- hour Le Mans Tour.

    The 2011 Lotus Evora is a rear mid-engine coupe powered by a V6 engine with a maximum performance output over 420hp that could outclass other mid engine category. This coupe available either in 6 speed manual or automatic transmission. For the interior design and layout, it configures with a 2 plus 2 passenger body style and it can fit a driver or passenger an average height of 6’5”. The British base car manufacturer aims target sales production for an average of 2000 cars annually.

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