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    There has been much talk about the 2011 Lorinser Mercedes-Benz SLS RSK8 Wheel. Well, of course!

    If you own a Mercedes SLS Lorinser, you just might feel the urge of talking about it, and everything about it would be every car enthusiast’s most interesting topic of the day. The wheels have seven spokes, all of which does nothing but add to the performance and elegance of the Lorinser SLS.

    The Lorinser Mercedes-Benz SLS RSK8 Wheel comes in three parts, and all of them have given the whole car a new and somewhat exciting feel to it. Despite its weight at 1620kg, this car has one amazing fuel consumption rate at just 13.2 liters for every hundred kilometers.

    The shape and the style of this vehicle is that of an aerodynamic sports car, and this is more than enough for people all over the world to dream of. Its engine holds 6.3L in a V8 and it is a car with more than enough horsepower at 571hp. A torque of 479lb-ft, a top speed of 197mph or 317km, an acceleration speed from 0-62 in mere 3.8 seconds, and the fact that it could brake as fast as it could accelerate makes it a powerfully fast car.

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