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    The Kellener Sport KS1-S BMW 1 Series M coupe is the resulting car when the BMW I Series M Coupe is converted into a modern sports car by Kelleners Sport.

    The transformation is complete starting with the adjustable coilover kit and supplementary front spoiler, 20 inch light alloy wheels, and a comprehensive leather interior make-over. Engine power is upped to a strong 410 Horse Power output and the newly installed light weight body and suspension parts all combine to make the Kelleners KS1-S a unique modern car based on a classic and legendary car design.

    The exquisite transformation accomplished is evident in the over-all performance of the resulting 2011 Kelleners Sport KS-S BMW series M Coupe. The changes in engine displacement and light weight body construction into a substantial decline in weight to power ratio giving the car engine more capacity for quick acceleration and high speed.

    The perfectly constructed 83 mm tail pipe provide unrestricted engine outflow making the mufflers give a distinctive sound. The aero dynamics systems installed by Kellener Sports provide maximum efficiency at high speeds. The improvements made on the suspension system give the car more stability in terms of active response to road conditions and/or driver’s maneuvers.

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