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  • 2011 HYUNDAI IX20 + 2012 FORD GRAND C-MAX

    2011 HYUNDAI IX20

    Hyundai bequeath product intensifier commencement period set by the opening of two new examples that important at the Paris Motor Show 2010. The first new examples of agitating is a new B-segment MPV Hyundai, adverted ix20. Hyundai ix20 is an example of the second European to get a ‘fluidic carving’ new Hyundai linguistic communication designs that help distinguish them from the ‘minivan’ shaped double box is generally affiliated with the segment.

    On sale mid-November 2010 in the UK, Hyundai ix20 is expected to attract young category in the box above it has been completely fantabulous: fuel economy and class-leading CO2 disposal despicable, the latest in active and inactive base hit of technology, and the breakthrough came with the Five Year warranty ternary assistance.

    Hyundai ix20 will be brought together in performances by the version raised by selling the best city car Hyundai i10. Hyundai i10 new features on-board-ocular and mechanical advances, acknowledge once again 1.0 liter engine with CO2 emissions of almost 99 g / km. New adaptation of the i10 will make sales in advance in 2011.


    Ford’s latest ace on the residents to move the company’s sale progress soon on mainland Europe, and bequeath in reality will be binding on the two different clear brusquer wheelbase, conventional doored degree C-Max model and the longest, dual slider has a chance variable called ‘Grand C- Max

    Autoblog Ford officials aimed at the backdrop of which corresponds with examples of Americans face the dual-clutch powershift transmission that we take samples, as the case is more expensive tooth back-number is optimized for use with auto diesel powerplants

    For the sake of comparison, that the three mpg better than the Mazda5 features automatic or 2011 Odyssey and six banging Sienna notch repair of four-cylinder. Gearbox swap-out should not be castrated drive is also very pronounced, because the back of the powershift-programmed to mimic the advanced slushbox convincing.

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