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    Hennessey Performance Engineering is best at facelifts. They take one ultra sleek super mobile, and push it towards perfection. At first sight, the Lotus Exige and the 2011 Hennessey Venom GT could be twins except that Hennessey’s got the dibs to eclipse the other.

    Venom GT is an explosive fusion of British flair and American power. The Venom GT body exhibits an increase of 18 inches in length, as with its width that’s been stretched out to an additional 12 inches.

    Despite the growth, Venom GT retains Exige’s lightweight nature at 2400 pounds. The carbon fiber exterior and Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 rubber make up the lightweight physique. The equation is easy  less weight equals more performance.

    The badass design makes the car look like it came from Bruce Wayne’s garage, but the car’s road power makes it a superhero in itself. The 2011 Hennessey Venom GT is armed with supercharged LS9 V-8, the same engine that made Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR1 one of the fastest production cars released. With horsepower ranging from 725 to 1200, Venom GT will run to greater heights.


    Pagani is obviously the new kid on the block. But in the case of Pagani’s decent collection of top quality supercars, there’s definitely no putting baby in the corner. The 2011 Pagani Huayra is Pagani’s latest supercar installment following the highly-acclaimed Zonda.

    Mercedes-Benz AMG exclusively built the 2011 Pagani Huayra’s main attraction its power-oozing, V12 engine. The reported twin turbochargers will result in the two-seater’s 700 horsepower 730 Nm torque. In 3 seconds the car is catapulted to 60 mph speed. The maximum speed is 220 mph.

    The car’s engine components are controlled and connected by a computer system. The system monitors speed, acceleration, throttle position and other settings and adjusts them to produce better performance with using optimal down force.

    True to its name, the overall design of the Pagani Huayra plays up to the concept of the Earth element air which Huayra Tata is god of. The vehicle strikes a balance between a sense of elegance and power with its components made from lightweight materials, but with durability and performance to endure all hurdles. The vehicle also features gull-wing doors.

    The interior of the car has the look and feel of the ultimate luxury car that might pose a threat to Bentley. The seats and dashboard are dressed in first class leather, and the accessories are made of aluminum and carbon fiber. Sitting in the middle is a high-tech touch screen that controls the Pagani Huayra’s multimedia system.

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