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    2011 CHRYSLER 200 SEDAN

    Finally pumping new products into the pipeline after a few years’ hiatus, Chrysler will be rolling out a refreshed mid-size sedan for 2011. While the mention of a new powertrain, revised interior, and other tweaks perked our ears, what really grabbed our attention was the announcement that the company will drop the Sebring nameplate altogether. What Chrysler got was a cheap, hot mess that needed massive discounts to be moved, mainly to rental fleets. Imagine working the counter at Avis and telling people that they’re stuck with a Sebring. Talk about an easy sell to “upgrade” to a full-size Kia Amanti.

    The 200 is still based on the Sebring architecture, but Chrysler claims to have made major changes to the steering, suspension, interior and exterior designs. Chrysler even added a new 3.6-liter “Pentastar” V6 that produces a best-in-class 283 horsepower. And while we still see a heavy dose of Sebring in every 200 we encounter, particularly the profile, the new sedan is at least slightly more handsome than its predecessor. The folks at Chrysler’s marketing arm have taken notice as well, as the 200?s Super Bowl commercial, which featured Eminem trolling the streets of Downtown Detroit, was the most talked-about spot that any Detroit automaker has crafted in years.


    The design of the Alfa Romeo 8C sexy spider, draw Novitec for tuning for the engine can be powered 600hp! That said, even Novitec Rosso is smart enough to know that you don’t mess with a good thing with the German tuner focusing its attention on improving the Alfa’s mechanical hardware. The highlight of Novitec Rosso’s performance package is hidden under the 8C Spider’s hood with the adoption of a modified version of the supercharger system used on the firm’s Maserati GT tune. A new water-to-air intercooler with a dedicated radiator, custom injectors, a stainless-steel high-performance exhaust system and an ECU optimization round off the changes to the 4.7-liter V8 engine.

    As a result of these upgrades, the V8 gains an additional 150HP for a total output of 600HP at 7,300 rpm, while peak torque is also lifted to 588Nm (433.7 lb-ft) at 5,400 rpm. Novitec Rosso says the sprint from 0 to 100km/h (62mph) is reduced from 4.2 seconds to 3.9 seconds, while top speed increases from 290km/h to 305km/h (180mph to 190mph).The only exterior modification concerns the availability of new alloy wheel designs measuring 21-inches up front and 22-inches on the rear, shod in Pirelli tires size 255/30 ZR 21 and 315/25 ZR 22 respectively.Novitec also offers a height-adjustable threaded coil-over suspension and upon customer request, it can customize the Alfa 8C Spider’s interior with leather and Alcantara appointments.

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