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  • 2010 THINK CITY + 2010 BYD E6

    2010 THINK CITY

    The Think City electric vehicles delivered to Indiana, its new manufacturing facility in Elkhart, IN to the Indiana Department of Administration for use by the Department of Natural Resources in the state’s park system.  It will be the first electric passenger vehicles with American-made, Lithium-ion batteries used in an American fleet operation.

    THINK is also a leader in electric drivetrain technology, and was the first to offer a modular and flexible electric drive-train solution in the business-to-business sector. With its Scandinavian origins and sustainability mindset, THINK is one of the most carbon-efficient car companies in the world.

    2010 Think City model is an all-electric, zero-emission car designed in Scandinavia for fleet applications and urban commuters. Durable, highly maneuverable and low maintenance, the THINK City can travel 100 miles on a single charge, using advanced Lithium-ion batteries manufactured in Indiana by Ener1, Inc. The vehicle has accumulated more than 35 million road miles in customer experience since it was first safety certified in Europe in 1999.

    The THINK City, the first electric car to be granted pan–European regulatory safety approval, is sold across Europe, with sales and production in the U.S. and operations being developed in Asia.

    Project Plug-IN an industry-led to demonstrate an energy efficient transportation solution for the Indianapolis area. The project includes vehicle and battery manufacturers, electric utilities, smart grid technology firms and research institutions.

    They are working collaboratively to build a plug-in ecosystem that provides an optimal test bed for accelerating the commercialization of plug-in and smart grid technologies. Phase 1 of the project will include the deployment of more than 100 plug-in vehicles and 250 charging stations across the Indianapolis region by early 2011.

    2010 BYD E6

    At the Detroit Auto Show in January 2010 the ambitious automaker announced that the BYD E6 electric crossover production schedule was on track and that U.S. deliveries would get underway by the end of the year. But unfortunately, the plan was postponed to American buyers.

    Even though the E6 has been delayed, there appears to be some indication that the automaker could launch the electric crossover in the U.S. in 2011. The holdup was caused by BYD’s efforts to make the car roomier, especially its rear-seat area that was cramped thanks to a beefy battery pack that needs to be stored under the seat.

    Hope the dream will be realized or until 2011 for the fans of E6. Furthermore, Li declared that private buyers interested in the E6 will get a crack at owning one in 2012.

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