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  • LEXUS RC 200T


    Nissan GTR feels the need to improve performance and reduce the standard GTR’s 3.800 lb weight. The goal was an ideal track-day car that could get there, run, and still head out for an evening while providing full comfort and amenities.

    Then, Switzer Performance Innovation (SPI) has been successfully doing what Nissan GTR need and achieves the final result: An R35 road/track Godzilla weighing in at 3,600 lbs and putting out an insane 800 horsepower.

    The following are the steps that carried the Nissan GTR in progress:

    1. Install the P800 power kit, which adds new intercoolers, intakes, and turbos. This gets the car to 800 horsepower and “almost 700 lb-ft of torque.”
    2. Put the stoppers on a diet (reducing unsprung mass) by replacing brake components with parts from AP (carbon rotors and brake fluid), new pads, and stainless steel brake lines.
    3. Improve breathing further with a ceramic-coated titanium exhaust system.
    4. Cut unnecessary flab with the addition of a carbon trunk lid and new Bride sports buckets. “We chose these seats because of their adjustability. You can be comfortable, still get to the back seat, and it’s not an extreme one-piece seat that’s not comfortable on the highway.”
    5. Throw in “a fully-adjustable JRZ suspension system” (with adjustable sway bars) for better carving of corners.
    6. Resolve any air flow issues with an under-body diffuser and an Aeromotions wing.

    2010 VOLVO S60 RACER

    Volvo prepare the S60 sedan racing version to follow the 2010 season of the Belgian Touring Car Series (BTCS). The Swedish sedan’s maiden track test took place on April 1 on the Belgian Zolder track, while its racing premiere takes place on April 11.

    The new Volvo S60 Racer was role to develop locally on a Volvo S60 Racer in accordance with the BTCS Silhouette S1 regulations. All cars participating in the series must use a tubular chassis, the same type of front and rear suspension and aerodynamics.

    Results and produce Volvo’s proposal features a mid-mounted 3.5-liter V6 engine with 410-horsepower and 412 Nm of torque at 5,500rpm. A six-speed sequential gearbox drives the rear-wheels. All this is done so that the Volvo S60 Racer shows the best and not disappoint fans of the Volvo.

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