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    The hydrogen-fueled model, a converted Hyundai Tuscon ix, will hit Korean streets next year and partake in demonstration events in Seoul and other major cities across the nation. The testing precedes Hyundai’s scheduled 2012 limited production run of a fuel cell vehicle.

    The Tuscon ix is claimed to have a driving range of 404 miles, offer improved fuel efficiency over the 2008 version and can operate in temperatures down to -13 Fahrenheit. To date, Hyundai and its partner, Kia, have racked up more than 1.2 million miles on its fuel-cell powered prototypes.

    The Tuscon ix fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) is Hyundai’s latest version of a hydrogen-fueled prototype. The ix follows the automaker’s Santa Fe FCEV introduced way back in 2000 and its Tuscon FCEV (pictured above), which hit the roads in 2008.

    2011 HONDA Li NIAN S1

    Honda debuted a new small sedan at the 2010 China International Automobile Exhibition. Honda S1, the four-door model will be marketed under the newly formed Li Nian brand, created by Guangqi Honda, a Chinese joint venture owned by Honda and the Guangzhou Automobile Group.

    Honda claimed Li Nian S1 is the far less exciting (from a design standpoint) production version of the Everus Concept, which made its world premiere at the Guangzhou Motor Show in April. Even though Honda is keeping most details about the car under wraps, it appears that the S1 is based off the previous generation Honda City (Fit / Jazz sedan).

    Honda Li Nian S1 also targets the younger generation in China and “adopts a powerful, energetic and outstanding design form”. It will be available in the market from the spring of 2011 through the current Guangqi Honda sales channel, with engine options including 1.3-liter and 1.5-liter petrol units.

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