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    2010 Honda Accord Crossover news has widely spreaded to enter the US Market. This new concept design of MPV or wagon is based on Honda Accord and it’s debut will compete the Toyota Venza crossover. Read more news below from many sources about


    Honda’s next-gen European Accord wagon concept obviously is the real car, and it looks like a potential Acura, down to its Acura-like three-bar horizontal grille.  Unfortunately, with the Euro Accord, Honda has taken to the Mitsubishi/Mazda-style squared-off fenders like virtually every other car coming down the pike.

    Hot on the heels of Toyota’s launch of its all-new Venza crossover/tall wagon come photos proving that Honda is continuing development of an Accord-based crossover of its own. More than simply a wagon version of the U.S. Accord sedan, this test mule appears to be a larger version of the European Accord Tourer, but with the U.S. Accord’s front end grafted on.
    Closer inspection reveals larger fender flares to handle the car’s wider track, while a taller ride height and the adoption of a rear differential give away the fact the Accord crossover will be available with all-wheel drive, giving it some degree of off-road-worthiness to compete against Volvo’s XC70 wagon. Figure on the Honda undercutting the Volvo in price, probably starting at $30,000.

    Most likely, the Accord crossover’s engine lineup will mimic that of the Accord sedan, with a 2.4-liter 177-bhp 4-cylinder and a 3.5-liter V-6 with 271 bhp, both mated to 5-speed automatic transmissions. But, don’t rule out the 240-bhp 2.3-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder from the Acura RDX, a vehicle which was spotted testing alongside the Accord Crossover.

    Michigan’s first snow has also brought the first look at this development vehicle for an ALL-NEW Honda crossover vehicle! An Accord-based crossover vehicle has been rumored for quite a while now and these pics are the first proof the project has finally been green-lighted.

    Based on the Honda Accord chassis, this all-new crossover vehicle will start production in the 4th quarter of 2009 at the Marysville or East Liberty factory. We’ve been told to expect a concept vehicle that foreshadows this new Accord CUV at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show. The Accord CUV will slot in-between CR-V and Pilot and will look to do battle with Toyota’s new Venza CUV.

    Powertrains are not yet known, but the motors currently found in the USDM Accord seem like a likely bet. We observed this mule testing alongside an Acura RDX. We also noted this mule accelerated rather briskly, so the 2.3L, four-cylinder turbo motor from the RDX may have a chance of making it into the Accord CUV.

    One thing we CAN say for sure about this vehicle is that AWD will be an option. A close look at photo #5 reveals that this prototype has a rear differential. More than likely, this means the car has Honda’s VTM-4 AWD system.

    “Latitude” is one name rumored for the badge on the back of this new CUV. Though that now seems less likely as Honda allowed that trademark to expire many months ago.

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      This is a very UGLY crossover…….. !!! Please don’t deliver it !!!!!

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