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  • 2010 G-POWER BMW 760i STORM + 2011 SEAT ALHAMBRA

    2010 G-POWER BMW 760i STORM

    The G-Power manufacturing company is renowned for producing impressive cars in limited editions. Their objective is to produce the strongest and fastest BMW in the world while delivering 100% customer satisfaction. The latest masterpiece that the G-Power company has worked on is the 2010 G-Power BMW 760i Storm.

    G-Power aims to enhance the performance of the BMW vehicle without compromising the sleek luxury and overall segment of the vehicle. Engineers at G-Power company worked at the heart of the car’s 6.0-liter V12 engine and modified it to deliver an output of an impressive 725 hp and a torque of 1000 Nm. The car was fitted with new exhaust systems and larger valves to help the car cope better with the modifications. The 8-speed transmission was also reinforced and the car’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) was reprogrammed to ensure that everything works harmoniously. With the enhanced performance of the Storm, the car can easily move from 0 to 100 km in 4.2 seconds and 0 to 200 km in 11.9.


    2011 SEAT Alhambra MPV is the perfect companion for an active and sporty lifestyle. It’s offers far more than plenty of space for family, business and hobbies. The new Alhambra is 22 centimetres longer than its predecessor, while it is wider by nine centimetres. Luggage space is more than generous with seating for five, the base volume is 885 litres, which grows to a maximum of 2,297 litres if only the front two seats are in use.

    2011 SEAT Alhambra MPV equipped with state-of-the-art technology. This starts with the engine line-up, where all TSI and TDI power units are equipped with direct fuel injection and turbocharging. The TSI units deliver 110 kW/150 hp and 147 kW/200 hp, while the two TDI engines offer 103 kW/140 hp and 125 kW/170 hp. Further efficiency technologies fitted as standard include the stop/start system and brake energy regeneration – the recovery of kinetic energy. These guarantee refined pulling power alongside exceptional efficiency. With an average fuel consumption of only 5.5 litres and CO2 emissions of just 143 g/km, the SEAT Alhambra 2.0 TDI with 103 kW/140 hp sets a clear benchmark in this vehicle class. The SEAT Alhambra TDI is also equipped with an SCR catalytic converter (Selective Catalytic Reduction).

    The sleek side profile shows great technical precision, with the sliding doors perfectly integrated. The muscular spoiler on the rear edge of the roof, the low-reaching rear hatch and the expansive light clusters dominate the rear end. With its arrow-shaped bonnet, hallmark grille and highly distinctive front skirt continuing the Arrow Design, the new Alhambra clearly displays its SEAT DNA. There is also a bi-xenon headlamps with adaptive control and full beam assistant. A sensor detects oncoming vehicles and automatically dips the beam.

    In the interior, the new Alhambra comes with seating for five, six or seven. If more storage room is called for, the second and third-row seats must no longer be removed; instead, thanks to seats with “Easy-Fold” system.

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