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    Audi Quattro Concept gets driven around the rally stages of your dreams by a turbocharged 5-cylinder. This revealed in Paris to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the original car’s 1980 debut.

    2010 Audi Quattro Concept use the carbon fiber for the hood, hatch, spoiler, and other bits. Designers have also thrown out the rear seats, which have been replaced with a helmet / luggage shelf. The all-LED light setup at the front fascia, between which sits Audi’s signature wide-mouth grille. Move to the front wide-body fenders and appreciate that underneath lies a 5-link suspension with “key components” in aluminum.

    Engine, though, the 2.5-liter unit makes 408-horsepower / 300 kW and uses a 6-speed manual transmission to drive all four 20-inch wheels with 480 Nm / 354 lb-ft. Behind the center-locking dubs are carbon-ceramic discs wearing 6-piston grippers.

    On the interior include the two 18-kilo passenger seats have either three  or four point harnesses, while the driver faces a fully digital display which has two modes, “normal” and “race”. If opting for race mode that the graphics “revisit and refine” the Ur-quattro’s digital display.


    Audi Spyder confronts e-tron, analysis by an open sports car, at the largest exhibition of cars increased 2010?s. Auto appearance, at the drive cross-connect, is 4.06 meters long, 1.81 beats  on-board self-and 1.11-meter  high. The two-seater that equipt in 221-kW (300 hp) twin-turbo V6 TDI in the rear axle and two electric motors with 64 kW to acquire absolute on the front axle.

    Audi e-tron low total angular Spyder’s by only about 1450 kilograms were collected on a high-torque TDI engine and two cars suspected of carrying out the answers in the electricity into the action. The combination of a highly efficient TDI and drive electric cars and enable the fuel economy and amazing fantabulous despicable release. E-tron Spyder Audi takes an average of nearly 2.2L diesel/100 km, according to the discharge of CO2 by 59 g / km.

    A range of more than 1,000 miles envisioned by tank 50 liters. Open sports car can float and drive pure electric power and thus with zero discharge of more than aloofnesses than enough for 50 kilometers, such as in urban areas. Acme that accelerates from 60 km / h  is fine as driving conventions.

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