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  • 2009 KIA FORTE – Will Replace The Existing SPECTRA?

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    Kia Motors has released the first official images of the new 2009 Kia Forte which will replace the existing Spectra/Cerato compact. The Forte is scheduled to be revealed officially in Korea on 22 August 2008.

    The styling that the Forte introduces is Kia’s new look, from the pen of Peter Schreyer, also responsible for the first-gen New Beetle and TT. The face of the Forte combines chunkily-flared front fenders with a new corporate grille, and there’s a distinctive depression down the lower part of the flanks that works well with the prominent swage line to lend a stone-hewn look to the car.The front grille of the Forte resembles the one found on the KOUP Concept and the KEE Concept while the rear section of the car resembles Hyundai Elantra’s. The term Forte in musical notation means “play loud,” but this new Kia is restrained and maturely drawn. Compared to the Spectra, the two-door variant of the Forte should look even better and even on it’s own, we think it looks like a million bucks.

    There are no official details of the new Kia Forte but it is reported that the car will be powered by two engine versions, the 1.6-liter 4-cylinder petrol engine and the more powerful 2.0-liter 4-cylinder petrol engine after its official launch.

    The 2009 Kia Forte will be available in the US somewhere in 2009 and the coupe version will be available few months later.

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    4 Responses

    1. Mat keling says:

      kia spectra kereta yang bagus..kalah honda dan toyota..body solid..sedap macam peluk gadis chubby…

    2. ABU BAKAR says:

      saya setuju walaupun baru sahaja pakai kia spectra tak sampai 1 bulan.
      kuat makan minyak hanya dapat 194 km untuk 27.77 liter minyak
      juga saya denagr macam2 masalah hal timing belt boleh senang putus.
      ada apa petua dari kaum peminat kia tak? wasallam

    3. Izputra says:

      Biar betul Abu. 194km tu utk 27.77 Liter minyak atau RM27.77? RM27.77 minyak utk jarak 194km boleh diterima, tapi untuk 27.77 Liter minyak (hampir RM50.00) adalah sgt teruk terutamanya jika tidak melibatkan byk city driving.

    4. Azahar says:

      Kat mana nak beli timing belt set jenis Dayco Kia Spectra di Lambah Kelang>>>

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