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    peugeot 407


    Peugeot Malaysia are advertising their new model of peugeot 407 and pushing the sales of the new car. Peugeot 407 categorized as sports luxury car details will be explained further below.

    One of the main differences of the NEW 2008 version and the previous version of peugeot 407 Malaysia is the addition of VTi (Variable Timing, Injection) and also a newly revised transmission. According to an NSB spokesperson, the horsepower and also torque delivery has improved with this new version.

    The new car PEUGEOT 407 comes with new 17 inch sports wheels and also Xenon lights for better night driving. These he said, will definitely be strong selling points for potential customers as these items were not available in the previous model. The spokesperson adds that with the low booking fee of just RM1,000, it is best that those interested in the PEUGEOT 407 place bookings early to avoid the queue. Customers may place their bookings at any Nasim or Naza Corp branch or authorised Peugeot dealer.

    The 2.0 Peugeot 407 price is MYR133,888 for full spec and MYR 125,888 for standard version


    Expression in design and smooth lines, a product of tradition. Daring lines draw a sharp profile, beckoning, an invitation to new horizons.

    Dynamic Lines
    Peugeot 407 stylists were able to highlight the vehicle’s pure, sharp lines, using shadow as much as light to create a symphony in movement.   
    Panoramic Windscreen
    The vista provided by the panoramic windscreen provides the interior with a real feeling of light and space, welcoming its occupants.   
         peugeot 407 interior
    Front end panel
    The refined front end panel of the peugeot 407 is designed around a highly unique air inlet and elegantly stretched headlights.

    On board the peugeot 407, comfort and user friendliness perfectly combine. A wide range of interior equipment is brought together to increase your driving pleasure and relax your passengers to the full. As with many functions dedicated to comfort, they fulfil both aspects. Structured around a centre console and a dashboard with a driver and passenger shelves, the interior echoes the dynamic exterior, with the materials exuding an air of comfort.

    Soft Seat
    The seats, plush and comfortable, are designed to be ergonomic and to aid posture, thanks to their long seat bases which correctly support the upper legs, and their wide range of settings.   
    The laminated side windows provide yet more insulation from the exterior and an amazing sensation of calm and comfot on board.   
    Telematics RT4
    TRT4 telematics equipment is offered on the peugeot 407. It groups together the radio, GSM phone, GPS navigation and emergency call functions.   
    Dual-zone air conditioning
    The peugeot 407 malaysia offers a dual-zone air conditioning system with a temperature setpoint and separate right and left air distribution. Connected to a dual-directional solar radiation sensor, this mitigates the effects of moving from a very bright area into a tunnel for example.

    peugeot 407 engine

    Connected to a structure which benefits from increased torsional rigidity, the 407’s multi-link suspension is an efficient high-tech assembly which guarantees a high level of active safety.
    17 inch wheels
    The peugeot 407 can, as an option or as standard, depending on the engine, be fitted with 17 inch wheels with 15 spokes which give the vehicle’s silhouette presence and a sense of dynamism.

    In line 4, 16 valve, DOHC with VVT
    1997 cc
    Maximum Power
    140 hp @ 6000 rpm
    Maximum Torque
    200 Nm @ 4000 rpm
    4 speed auto adaptive gearbox with Tiptronic System Porsche
    Front Brakes
    Ventilated Disc
    Rear Brakes
    Solid Disc
    Maximum Speed
    206 km/h

    peugeot 407 malaysia

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    6 Responses

    1. helmy says:

      this is very good car! i have one!

    2. dev says:

      Hi Helmy,
      How’s your 407? I am interested in it but can’t make up my mind. Worried about maintenance cost and resale value. Can you advice?

    3. maldin says:

      Hi dev,

      I’ve been driving the new CKD version for 2 weeks now. So far no problem. My previous car was a wira so the change was dramatic. I’ve driven some other cars like civic 1.8 and the old camry 2.0 (2000). I have to say this pugs is really the same level as camry and accord. can’t compare civic with it.

      About the maintenance, i’am yet to go for one, but closing on to 2500km for first free visit. Its more of an inspection ordeal. It service interval at 10000km. And i do read on some forum that in europe its should go for service every 30000km and oil topup every 15k. But since malaysia is considered hot climate so they shrink it down to 20000km service interval and 10000 oil topup. But perhaps NAZA wants to play safe and go for 10000 service interval instead. The service price i am not so sure yet, but the sales guys said it would be around 300 for the first 10K and maybe higher during major service like 50k or 100k km service.

      Resale value??.. hmm, if things goes well i don’t think i’m going to sell this car ever, or maybe swap the engine or turbocharged it after 8-9 years :)

      Go test drive it if you did not test it yet.. test drive it a couple of time more at different show room so you can have different route…

    4. kdi says:

      Continental car usually have a very long service interval which is good for us. Even though the service charge for one time is higher than normal car, but if you calculate the total in 1 year, the continental car like peugeot only need to be serviced once while other car need to be serviced 3 times that will leads to the same amount of maintenance cost or even higher than peugeot cars.

      Resale value? I dont think that you buy a car because you want to sell it right? For sure you buy because you love it, you feel that its worth for you. In my opinion, this Peugeot 407 is a great car compare to Accord and Camry. Its true like maldin said. It has more features that is fun for you to drive. I have one of my friend’s father driving peugeot 407, and he told me that it is a good car better than other in its class.

    5. LMH says:


      ANy idea of the spare parts pricing compared to Toyota, Honda >>

    6. Roy says:


      Well, I agree it’s a fun new experience driving this Peugeot 407.
      But I have to share my probably once in a million time experience. After 2 days I got the car, I experienced a total not functioning remote control and battery. Guess what! I got locked in the car for 2 hours, not able to open the car until it was manually openned using the other spare key (which someone has to get it from my home) and jumpstart the battery. Lucky and complement anyway to the peugeot service and the dealer’s representative to come and help though couldn’t explain why it happened. So much for auto control..and security. It’s partly & probably due to my unfamiliarity with the features yet.
      Anyway, I am still driving it and so far it’s good.

      It’s your call.

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