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    Have you seen any Proton Chancellor around you?.For this week Flashback segment, we would like to post some information about the Proton Chancellor which had been introduced and used by the representatives of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) during the meeting of ASEAN leaders in the KLCC, Disember 2005.This model has been launched in 2006.


    The Chancellor has a 2850mm long wheelbase, compared to the Waja wheelbase which is 2600mm and was powered by a Mitsubishi 6A12 2.0 L V6 engine similar to that used in Proton Perdana V6.The car is also available only with a 4-speed automatic transmission and feature some luxurious trim such as DVD players. The Chancellor’s target market are high-ranking Government officers, corporate heads and senior executives.


    Development of the Chancellor was not a lengthy process since the platform and body were already done and the project started in 2004. The main areas that were focused during the on were the structural integrity, vehicle dynamics and interfacing of the bigger engine. Extensive testing was conducted to ensure that the longer bodyshell was as durable as a standard Waja and Proton commissioned a testing facility in Spain to run the Chancellor prototype for an equivalent of 200,000 kms on a cobbled surface known as ‘Belgian pave’.


    “The facility we used in Spain was one which Lotus also uses frequently for endurance testing. It has a long stretch of Belgian pave surface for the type of testing we wanted to assess the reliability and durability of the vehicle. Our own test track in Shah Alam has such a surface but it is only a short section and using the Spanish track enabled us to complete that exercise faster,” explained Tajul Zahari Abu Bakar, Head of Vehicle Program C.


    The extra 250 mm added to the body was done by inserting a specially stamped panel in the rear floor section, extending the overall body length to 4715 mm, which is 105 mm longer than a Perdana. The roof panel is unique to the Chancellor and is stamped as a single piece as are the longer rear doors. Additional sections are also inserted on the sills to make up the extra length.


    A longer body means that rigidity will be affected and to maintain the rigidity, reinforcements have been added in important locations. It has not been possible to achieve the same degree of rigidity as the standard Waja but the Chancellor’s rigidity is still better than the Perdana’s.



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