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    Proton Juara Which is based on Mitsubishi Town Box Wide was introduced in Malaysia in 2001 as a rival to Perodua Kenari.Targeted to young families, the price tag of Proton Juara on that time was around RM42,000 to RM52,000.Less than a year, the price was reduced to RM35,000 but it still failed to attract the consumers in Malaysia.In Malaysia, Proton Juara also has its own club which is Kelab Juara ATRAC Malaysia and JUARA CLUB MALAYSIA.However we only manage to visit the website of Kelab Juara ATRAC Malaysia.


    The Proton Juara was powered by a  1.1 litre EFI engine producing 71 bhp (53 kW) and was only available with an automatic transmission and overdrive function.It is also the only vehicle in the Proton stable that has EPS (Electrical Power Steering).


    Based of Proton Juara – Misubishi Town Box Wide

    The Mitsubishi Town Box is a kei car produced for the domestic market by Japanese automaker Mitsubishi Motors. It was initially available with the alloy-headed 4A30 657 cc straight-4 engine, but switched to the 3G83 659 cc straight-3 engine in 2002. At the same time, a slightly larger version of the same vehicle powered by a 4A31 1.1 L straight-4.The production of the Mitsubishi Town Box Wide has now discontinued.


    Mitsubishi Town Box in Japan.

    Proton Juara differs from Mitsubishi Town Box Wide in the aspects of cosmetic especially to the bumpers, grille and interior. This left unchanged the general body design and bumper-based circular taillights of the original Town Box, and mudguards throughout the lower portion of the body and headlights of the Town Box Wide. A raft of optional accessories were offered by Proton to go with the Juara.

    Mitsubishi Town Box also sold as Nissan Clipper Rio in Japan.


    Interior of Proton Juara

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    9 Responses

    1. eriz says:


      kete proton yg nih la aku mmg xbleh lupakan…sampai skrg ni masih ada lg dkt jalan…

      lg yg xbleh lupa org slalu ckp kete ni ‘washing machine car’….

      ape2 pn mmg aku xbleh banding proton dulu ngan skrg…dah byk berubah…..

    2. apa2 ajer says:

      ni la model paling hodoh proton hasilkan.. dah la enjin kecik

    3. Norman says:

      Sebenarnya bukan Proton hasilkan tapi dari Mitsubishi Town Box…Di Jepun ade variasi 660 turbo.

    4. avanza says:

      bleh jadi robot tuuu..bro

    5. Jara club says:

      Korang penah naik atau pandu uji ke model juara ni? aku dah pusing 1 Malaysia naik kete juara ni.. Syok bila dah pandu dia.
      Walaupun enjin dia kecil 1.1L , dia punya kelajuan boleh memcecah 160 km/j. Kalau korang tak percaya boleh pandu uji juara ni..
      Lagi berat lagi mantap..
      Proton Juara The Best Bro……..

    6. yuzri says:

      Utk sparepart 2nd hubungi 0133092101

    7. shabina says:

      im looking for second hand enjin of juara car

    8. Nafiz says:

      Jika nk enjin juara sy ada…
      N kereta juara

    9. WAN says:

      kelab juara sekarang dikenali sebagai MYCJC…

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