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  • DATSUN’s 240Z Is Ready To Return!

     Datsun 7

    The Datsun 240Z is back! This is the car that could point the way to a resurrection of Nissan’s legendary brand, 22 years after the last Datsun-badged model rolled off the production line.

    Datsun 6

    Called the XLink, the four-door, four-seater coupé has been penned to capture the essence of Datsun if the marque was to be relaunched today. The Datsun XLink is a proposal for a C-segment four-door coupé with multifunctional winglets and height adjustable chassis.

    The concept was developed at the Yulon Nissan Design Center in Taiwan by Pforzheim University student Benjamin Nawka under the supervision of Koju Huang, Toshiyuki Shimazaki and Yusuke Kojima, and in cooperation with Taiwan based modeling company San Yuan.Benjamin Nawka is a German student at Pforzheim University, who graduated in Car Design with the XLink thesis, developed at the Yulon Nissan Design Center in Taiwan.

    The goal was to interpret a possible re-introduction of the Datsun brand, with the first C-segment four-door coupé which “combines a unique and fresh design language as well as a number of features and marketing ideas.”

    Nawaka claims he drew inspiration for the newcomer’s looks from architecture and  aviation, so it follows that the most prominent features are the ‘winglets’ – which are formed by the body panels overlapping the bonnet – and the rear flanks extending over the back screen.

    The winglets distinguish this car from any other and are loaded with functions: DLR lights, LEDs for mood lighting, integration of dead angle and rear mirror cameras; and “it makes this car after-market-parts ready from the very beginning.”

    Datsun 5

    Another feature of the car is the XLink Experience communication system, that allows different XLinkers to connect with each other in order to share a vehicle or a ride. It also offers a “coincidence mode” navigation system that suggests random destinations to entertain you, if demanded.

    Power comes from a diesel hybrid drivetrain, while there are 380 litres of boot space – s0 the car stays true to the Datsun philosophy of reliability and ease of use. Nissan insists that it’s simply a design concept at the moment, but watch this space to see if the XLink becomes a production reality.

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