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    This is a must read info and tips to reduce congestion and traffic jam during Hari Raya Aidilfitri balik kampung trip. Especially for those using highways. It is better for you to use touch and go or smart tag to reduce traffic jam near toll exit and start your journey back hometown by using Travel Time Advisory formula by Plus. Below are details:

    The Travel Time Advisory (TTA) is the formula that will be used by PLUS in helping the public to enjoy a smoother and a more comfortable ‘Balik Kampung’ travel this festive season.


    During a media conference held at Persada PLUS on 24 August 2011, PLUS Expressways’ Managing Director, Dato’ Noorizah Hj Abd Hamid said, “PLUS is committed to ensure highway travel this festive season is smooth and comfortable. As such, we will be using the TTA as our formula in coping with the increase in traffic and help the public to enjoy smoother and more comfortable journey on our highway.”

    The TTA consists of recommended staggered travel times for various destinations from the Klang Valley to major states and cities in Kedah, Perlis, Penang, Perak, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, Johor and Singapore. It is aimed at distributing traffic and reducing congestion on the mainline, major toll plazas, rest areas and lay-bys during peak periods.

    The TTA was introduced by PLUS in 2007 as a travel schedule based on studies of travel patterns during festive seasons over the past years. It is also a major factor that contributes to  smoother traffic on the highway during festive seasons.

    ”Among the new features of this year’s TTA is the introduction of recommended travelling time for Klang Valley bound traffic on 1, 2, 3 and 4 September which is based on vehicle registration numbers ending with odd and even numbers.”

    In addition, PLUS also provides recommendations for users from the north heading towards Kuala Kangsar and Ipoh as well as from Ipoh to Tapah, Bidor, Slim River and Tanjung Malim on 1, 2, 3 and 4 September. PLUS also introduces a travel schedule for users from Melaka, Tampin and Alor Gajah heading towards Seremban, Port Dickson and Senawang on the same dates.

    ”This is aimed at separating the traffic heading towards other major destinations from the ones heading towards the Klang Valley,” Noorizah said.

    PLUS anticipates the traffic on the North-South Expressway during the Aidilfitri holidays will increase by 30 percent to 1.4 million vehicles per day as opposed to 1.1 million during normal days.

    According to Noorizah, approximately 50 percent of the users followed the TTA issued by PLUS during the previous Hari Raya holidays which helped to reduce congestion on the mainline.

    “As such, we urge the public to plan their Balik Kampung and Klang Valley bound journey based on the TTA as it has proven to be effective in facilitating traffic distribution thus, reducing congestion during peak periods,” Noorizah added.

    Also present at the media briefing were Malaysian Highway Authority’s Director General, Dato’ Ir Ismail Md Salleh, PDRM’s Supt Hamzah Hj Ahmad and PLUS Expressways’ Chief Operating Officer, Tajul Azwa Bani Hashim.


     Those planning to use the highway for the ‘balik kampung’ rush this Hari Raya holidays are advised to follow the PLUS Travel Time Advisory (TTA).

    According to PLUS Expressways Berhad (PLUS) Chief Operating Officer, Nik Airina Nik Jaffar, “To ensure smoother and safer highway travel this Hari Raya holidays, PLUS has prepared the TTA for those in the Klang Valley heading up north and down south on Saturday (27 September), Sunday (28 September) and Tuesday (30 September) as well as for their return journey to the Klang Valley on Saturday (4 October) and Sunday (5 October).”
    (Please refer to the attached schedule for details)

    PLUS is the first highway operator to introduce the highway travel schedule to assist the public in planning their journey and smoothen traffic flow on the highway.

    The TTA concept, which was first introduced during last year’s Merdeka holidays with the co-operation of the Malaysian Highway Authority (MHA) and the Police, is based on staggered travel to various destinations to reduce traffic congestion during peak periods.

    “During last year’s Hari Raya holidays, travel on the highway was smoother as 60 to 70 percent of highway users followed the TTA. Therefore, we hope that the public will continue to give their co-operation in following the TTA during their ‘balik kampung’ rush and their return journey to the Klang Valley this Hari Raya Holidays,” Nik Airina said.



    PLUS’ other preparations include :-
    Toll Rebates
     Highways users paying toll electronically will enjoy the following toll rebates:-

                      1)    20% rebate on 25 and 26 August

                      2)    10% rebate on 30 and 31 August

                      3)    20% rebate on 1 and 1 September
    Toll Counters
     More than 1,000 toll counters will be opened to facilitate faster toll transactions
    Additional Staff
     Approximately 3,000 staff will be stationed at toll plazas
     159 PLUSRonda teams will be assigned to conduct rounds on the highway 24-hours a day.
    Traffic Monitoring Centre (TMC)
     Operating 24-hours a day, the centre monitors the highway and co-ordinates assistance through the PLUSLine 1800 88 0000 and emergency telephones
    Latest Traffic Updates
     The latest traffic updates are provided through:-

          1)    Toll-free PLUSLine at 1800 88 0000

          2)   Twitter service at www.twitter.com/plustrafik
          3)    Electronic Message Boards

          4)    Major radio stations
    Emergency Response Teams
     430 Police, Fire Department, JPA3, St John Ambulance and the Red Crescent personnel will be stationed at 12 strategic locations 24-hours a day.
    RELA officers
     500 RELA officers will be stationed at toll plazas, rest areas and lay-bys
    Contra Flow
     Contra flow will be activated to facilitate smoother traffic flow at the Nilai-Seremban, Juru-Bukit Tambun and Bidor-Slim River stretches.
    Construction Works
     Will be temporarily stopped between 25 August until 6 September
    Reload Lane Closure
     All Reload Lanes at toll plazas will be closed beginning 26 August until 4 September to facilitate smoother traffic flow at toll plazas.

    However, users may still top-up their electronic cards at customer service centres which are opened everyday between 7:30 am until 8:30 pm.
    Reload ‘n Go Counters
     Reload ‘n Go counters will be opened at 70 petrol stations along the PLUS highways between 9:00 am until 9:00 pm from 22 August until 11 September.

    The service will also be available on 27-28 August and 3-4 September at selected RSAs to enable users to reload their PLUSMiles or Touch ‘n Go cards

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