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    Have you seen a car bends like a motorcycle when it takes a corner? No?. Let’s see the new concept by Nissan below.This is the new radical concept by Nissan known as Land Glider.Nissan has announced plans to introduce the radical Land Glider Concept at Tokyo Motor Show.It is powered by two electric motors that are connected to lithium-ion batteries mounted underneath the floor.


    The Land glider gives a clear direction to how a future small car from Nissan could look.What make this Land Glider unique is, it doesn’t need a contact charging system.It can be recharged at any wireless charging station.


    Inside, the traditional steering wheel is replaced with something that looks more at home in a modern jet aircraft. Other goodies include two information displays, a rear passenger seat, and premium leather upholstery.


    Riding on a motorcycle-inspired Tandem architecture, the Land Glider and its tires can lean up to 17 degrees in turns. To do this, the concept features an advanced ride control system that uses sensors for vehicle speed, steering angle and yaw rate to instantly calculate the level of lean required to negotiate a corner.It is really like an aircraft system.With this system, the Land Glider can take sharp turn at any speed.

    The production of this Land Glider Concept is not planned yet.





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    8 Responses

    1. gigibiruku says:

      mat rempit mesti bengang sbb lpas ni org bwak kete pn bole maen corner smpai cecah siku..lolz..

    2. apa2 ajer says:

      dalam kokpit dia rasa macam main game jer.. rasa gak macam kokpit jet pejuang

    3. norman says:

      Kalo blakang lagi sorang dua boleh naik pasti gua takpayah pakai moto ke tempat keje lagi

    4. boyzone says:

      keta ka…..!
      mainan…..cm tak cayaje.

    5. rasa mcm lagi praktikal naik motre jer…tak tau la kot kot kenderaan ni dapat lawan moto dari segi permintaan.

      nway. kenderaan macam ni maybe lagi sesuai utk org sorang2 atau berdua utk jalan jauh,. tu jer. g opes tak praktikal sangat.

    6. auto fanz says:

      cas wireless? camne 2..bluetooth k?

    7. fuskus says:

      cas wireless . sestengah spektrum gelombang yg digunakan utk convert ke elektrik.. hukum faraday.. electric >> Elektromagnet >> electric..

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