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    tips jaga tayar

    Advice & Tips
    Tips while filling Air in your Tyre:
    Always make sure that your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure. When inflating your tyres, always make sure that the gauge is accurate. Never bleed air from tyres / tubes, which are hot after continuous running. Always make sure that the tyres are maintained at the correct pressure at regular intervals (optimally, every fortnight). Make sure that your tyres have valve caps, which are screwed on securely to prevent air leakage and prevent dirt and other particles from entering the valve pin area. In vehicles fitted with radials as original equipment tyres, make sure that the tyres are inflated to the specified minimum pressure on the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. You will find this on the tyre pressure placard, which is usually placed near the driver’s door). It is advisable to occasionally check your car’s suspension, especially if you are driving on bad roads.

    • Quick and easy tips
      Clean the tyre rim with a wire brush to remove rust.
      Use a new tube with a new tyre.
      Make sure that when the vehicle moves forward, the tyre rotates in the direction of the arrow as indicated on the sidewall of the tyre (for directional tyres only).
      Use the correct inflation pressure for front and rear tyres.
      Check the cold inflation at least once in ten days.
      Always use valve caps to prevent dust and mud from collecting on the tube.
      Inspect tyres periodically for cuts and damages, and repair them on time.
      Keep the tyres free of oil and grease.
      If the tyres are not going to be used for a long period, hoist the vehicle on a jack.
      Keep your vehicle in a mechanically-fit condition.
      To avoid slippage during ploughing, either add wheel weights or hydroflate the tyres (for tractors only).
      To minimise stubble damage, adjust track width (for tractors only).
      Rotate the tyres every 5000 kms.
      Check the tyres for objects/stones trapped in the grooves, and remove the objects.

    Tyre Tips For Longer Tyre Life

    Check Pressure Regularly
    Ensure that you check your air pressure at least once a week. For the greatest accuracy, check your tyres when they are cold with a reliable tyre pressure gauge.

    Fit the Right Tyres
    Your tyre specialist can advise you as to the best tyres to suit your car and driving needs. Ensure that tyres with the correct size, speed rating, load capacity and inflation pressure are fitted to your vehicle to increase your safety from the ground up.

    Do Not Mix Tyres
    It is potentially dangerous to mix tyres of different sizes as they have individual handling characteristics.

    Avoid Curb Impact
    Every time you hit the curb with your tyres, you increase the likelihood of fractures occurring in the sidewall of your tyres. So it makes sense to drive and park carefully to avoid contact with curbs.

    Do Not Drive on Bald Tyres
    Once tyre tread wears down to around 1.6mm, your tyres may be unsafe.

    Tips Penjagaan Tayar oleh KDI

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