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    Despite being a turbo car lover, and not a vtec fan, Honda s2000 is still one of the car i wish to own. Why? Just look at it and you’ll know what im talking about. With the sleek looking 2 door convertible outline, it is sure a chick magnet. Combined with a high revving vtec engine with an FR layout, you’ll be picking man as well.

    S2000 front view

    The S2000 has been a successful sales for almost 10 years.Sadly this year, Honda decided that they are the producing the last and final edition of the S2000, called the S2000 Ultimate Edition. Even without the ultimate tags, this car can be considered as one of the ultimate two door roadster. It had even won Jeremy Clarkson’s heart on Top Gear.

    S2000 side view

    The S2000 Ultimate edition will feature the previous engine used in the other models, the F20c VTEC. The 2.0 litre naturally aspirated engine produces 240bhp, one of the highest power producing 2 litre NA engine.With a VTEC system, this car is able to rev until 9000 RPM.

    S2000 Rear view

    The special-edition S2000 Ultimate Edition will get a unique white exterior with a red leather interior complemented by red stitching for the gear lever. Each unit will be marked with a numbered plaque on its kickplates. The special-edition S2000 will also come with graphite colored alloy wheels and black S2000 badging.

    S2000 kick plate

    What makes this limited production model special in the eyes of Honda is the Grand Prix White body that supposedly evokes the color first used on the firm’s 1964 F1 car and is combined with graphite alloy wheels.

    S2000 Dashboard

    The Honda S2000 Ultimate Edition will indeed be the last version before the global production of the roadster ceases altogether at the end of 2009. Honda says it has sold a total of 110,673 units of the model worldwide.

    S2000 wheels

    The first viewing of the Ultimate Edition will be the 2009 Geneva International Motor Show starting with the press day on the 3rd March.

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