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    New Contribution by Bernard Liu

    Bernard’s message: Two years ago, one of the UK’s leading providers of cosmetic surgery has replaced its fleet with Proton GEN-2 ecoLogic dual fuel vehicles, dramatically cutting the running costs of its fleet by tens of thousands of pounds a year.Bromsgrove-based The Hospital Group offers its patients a door to door chauffeur service to help reduce the stress of surgery. With 15 clinics in the UK, each of the 12 vehicles in its fleet cover on average 100,000 miles per year. The new fleet of Proton GEN-2 ecoLogic vehicles supplied by family run Proton dealership The Car Lot in Halesowen is due to cut the company’s fuel costs by up to £65,000 per year.

    The Hospital Group Transport Manager Sarb Sandu said: “This move to using the new Proton GEN-2 is a very positive one for The Hospital Group. We travel miles and miles each day, transporting our patients to and from our private hospital in the Midlands, Dolan Park, now we can help our patients as well as helping the environment.”

    The Proton GEN-2 ecoLogic is dual fuel, able to run on petrol or LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), an increasingly attractive alternative following the huge rise in the cost of petrol and diesel. Typically, LPG produces less carbon monoxide, particulates and nitrous oxides than other fuel sources, plus a 15-20% reduction in carbon dioxide compared to petrol. LPG currently retails at around 52p per litre1 and there are over 1,400 refuelling sites around the UK, including motorway service stations and at major supermarkets.

    Iz: Thank You Bernard Liu for sharing with us.Looks like many company or body want to use Proton cars to cut their company costs.Good job by Proton!

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