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    Fire is one of the Human most greatest enemy.To protect us from more damage from fire, we need a fast response fire team.Enter the Nissan R35 GTR fire truck supercar.A 3.5 liter V6 485-horsepower sports car suited extinguish fire in no time. All i can said is firemens are getting lucky this time.


    The Nissan GTR R35 is actually a rapid response team for the Nurburgring track aka The Ring in Germany. It was a gift from NIssan to the Nurburgring operator and it was created in collaboration with M&M Automotive, a Bonn-based specialist for car development and motorsports.The car remain stock standard except for some modification for the fire fighting equipment.


    The two standard backseats were taken out and replaced with a 50-litre water tank, which was secured with a roll cage. There is a medium-pressure extinguisher system (20 bars) as well as a winding device for the hose.


    Even though the extra equipment added 200 kg or approx 440 pounds to the coupe’s weight, Nissan supports that the GT-R can still lap the Nurburgring circuit in less than 8 minutes. The standard model has recorded a lap time of the Nordschleife circuit of 7 minutes and 26.70 seconds.


    So whenever there’s a fire hazard in the ring, dont worry, you’ll see the GTR coming to you in no time.

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    5 Responses

    1. apa2 ajer says:

      dahsyatnyer.. bila pulak BOMBA Malaysia nak beli

    2. baru hr ahd lepas jmpe kete ni kt petronas hiway s’ban…

    3. iz says:

      [email protected]
      kat subang pun aku ade nampak kete nh…masalahnye..rumah die rumah teres biase..tapi dalam rumah tu ade BMW 6 series ngan GTR nh..hehe..

    4. mel says:

      adakah itu di kayangan heights?
      gile skema ayat haha

    5. iz says:

      Haha…tau2 je ko eh… ya saya, rumah itu terletak di sebelah pagar batu Kayangan Heights..haha

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