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    New Update Contribution By Pro V-Tech
    Message :Berkenaan dgn supertruck FORD F650 milik Sultan Johor itu, ramai yg kagum melihat koleksi kenderaan Tuanku..

    Menurut sumber ini antara gambar-2 Ford F650 tuanku semasa berada di oversea.. Mayb masa gambar ini diambil,pihak tuner FORD Amerika tgh bersiap sedia untuk menyerahkan supertruck ini kpd Sultan Johor..

    Walau sebesar mana pun kereta tuanku, tuanku tetap merendah diri & tidak sombong dengan rakyat jelata..Itulah antara sebab musabab rakyat tetap \’respect\’ padanya..

    Daulat Tuanku…


    New Contribution By Pro V-Tech


    Message :Kita semua sedia maklum bahawa Sultan Johor mempunyai citarasa yang tinggi di dalam dunia automotif.. Tuanku mempunyai pelbagai koleksi supercar yang mungkin sukar utk kita jumpa di atas jalan..

    Salah satu koleksi kenderaan Tuanku yg paling RARE adalah trak keluaran FORD dari model F650.. Ianya dijanakan dengan menggunakan enjin Caterpillar 7200 cc Diesel…

    Jika anda mampu, tidak mustahil kereta2 mewah seperti ini menjadi mainan anda..Pokok pangkalnya, \”Tepuk Dada Tanyalah Selera\”..


    Below are some details about the unique ride – FORD F-650

    The Ford F-650 is a commercial truck offered by Ford. It was introduced by Ford in 2000, replacing the F-600. Though it is made mainly for use as a utilitarian truck for towing, heavy hauling, use in construction and it is offered at Ford’s official site under commercial vehicles, aftermarket has made the F-650 into a premium truck similar to the International CXT. It is a Class 6/7 truck, intended to appeal to businesses and municipalities.

    The current (2008-09) version retains the dashboard and interior introduced with the current cab style in 1998 rather than the revised interior of the 2008 F250-550 Super Duty line; both Ford (with the 1967 cab’s 1973 facelift and the 1980 cab’s 1987 and 1991 facelifts) and GM (with the 1988 cab’s 1995 facelift) have a history of doing this.

    There are two available engines on the F-650, the 6.7 L Cummins B Series engine(ISB) I-6 Diesel, and the 7.2 L Caterpillar C7 Diesel, it is also offered with a 5.9L ISB Cummins. The Cummins engine has 8 different horsepower and torque ratings, while the Caterpillar has 10

    F-650 and F-750 customers can order the vehicle exactly as they need it, with a choice of three cab configurations: Regular Cab, an exclusive four-door SuperCab and four-door Crew Cab, each with a wide variety of seating choices. There are 38 wheelbase choices, allowing the trucks to be easily upfitted across a wide spectrum of body types.

    Customers can choose from nine different frames, including one of the strongest-rated frames in its class (120,000 psi and 3,580,000 RBM). A wide array of rear axles includes two-speed and single-speed axles with driver-controlled locking differentials.

    There are five multi-leaf and five air suspensions to choose from. Air suspension is offered on all models, with or without air brakes, and 10 fuel tank combinations are available.

    Each of these design elements, and others, has been creatively packaged to allow for maximum fuel capacity and ground clearances for given applications – especially those requiring clear frame rails for skirted bodies.

    In addition, Ford offers a low-profile cab, ideal for height-restricted applications. Tractor versions also are available as an F-650 and F-750, in all cab configurations.

    Diverse offerings make for eight distinct model options, each with a variety of cabs and wheelbases. F-650 is available as a “Pro Loader” with a kick-up or straight frame. F-650 also is available as a standard straight-frame truck.

    F-750 and the F-750 S (Severe Service) come in straight-frame versions rated for up to 120,000 psi.

    Tractor models, designed to pull trailers like those used for beverage delivery, have F-650, F-750 and F-750 S designations, depending on power and capacity.

    Powertrain and Chassis

    Three diesel engine families are available with a wide variety of horsepower choices. Customers also can choose between eight manual and 11 automatic transmissions.

    The base engine is a direct-injection, 32-valve, 6.0-liter Power Stroke® diesel with four power ranges, generating up to 230 horsepower and 620 pound-feet of torque.

    Other engine offerings include a 3126 Caterpillar 7.2-liter diesel with up to 300 horsepower and 860 pound-feet of torque, and a 5.9-liter Cummins ISB diesel engine with up to 260 horsepower and 660 pound-feet of torque.

    Safety and Security

    The F-650/F-750 has a heavy-duty braking system. The high-efficiency hydraulic brake system is standard; an air brake system is optional (air brakes are standard on F-750S).

    Both hydraulic and air brakes have a standard four-wheel anti-lock system (ABS) designed to eliminate wheel lockup and help the driver maintain control during severe braking.

    Major Features and Options

    XL includes: Solar-tinted glass, chrome front bumper, chrome grille, halogen headlamps, stainless exterior mirrors, assist handles, power point, interior lamp, AM/FM radio, speed control, tilt steering, intermittent wipers, anti-lock brakes and dual batteries.

    XLT adds: Air conditioning, power windows and door locks, cassette player, high-back seating, tow hooks and cab back panel cover.

    Numerous options include a front frame extension, power take-off provision and vertical exhaust system, among others.

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