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    PROTON has organised a challenge driving a proton New Saga BLM from Glenmarie to Gopeng which covered a total 200km one way on 2008. Surprisingly, they have a winner who achieved 44.7191 KM/L which is only RM0.04 (RM1.80/litre petrol) , four cents per kilometer!!! Extremely low fuel consumption for a car and it is similar to using a motorbike. That is for manual new saga blm 1.3 engine. For the auto transmission, they already proved that it can reach 27.4KM/Litre which is still better than a Perodua Kancil Fuel consumption. How far is the truth? And below we share some info from Proton on the Saga Stretch your miles Economy Drive 2008.


    SAGA Stretch Your Miles Economy Drive 2008

    In view of the recent petrol price increases, and consumer interest in fuel consumption of cars, we at Proton Edar set out to show just how economical the Proton Saga can be to own and run.

    And then we thought, who better to prove it, than the customers themselves? And then just for good measure, we got AAM Verification & Audit on board to ensure fairness and accuracy. So here’s the down low of what took place.

    THE COMPETITION SAGA “Stretch Your Miles” Economy Drive 2008


    The Competitors
    Saga owners who responded to a mass invitation to join this competition. Offered at a first come first served basis, limited to the total number of 30 cars.
    The Route:
    •Glenmarie – Gopeng (199 km)
    •Est 4hrs 00 mins





    Engine to be in good condition and tuned up
    Spark plugs must be in good condition.
    Regularly serviced, as per recommended intervals.
    Dirty air cleaners restrict air flow into your engine.
    Wheel Alignment & Tyre Pressure
    Wheels must be properly aligned
    Tyre pressures must be correct. Under-inflated tyres will result in poor fuel consumption.
    Wider tyres use more fuel.


    Minimise engine idling
    A running engine in a stationary car gets zero kilometres per litre.
    Do not place foot on clutch (MT)
    Be gentle with your right foot
    Accelerate gently. Excess fuel pumped into the cylinders gets blown out through the exhaust.
    Keep the engine revolutions low; find the ‘sweet spot’ in your engine. (usually around 2,000 rpm)
    Try to keep RPM below 2,000 rpm.
    Minimise ‘lugging’ (rpm too low)
    Anticipate traffic situations, lift off when approaching traffic lights – minimise your braking.
    Get to 4th gear ASAP (AT)
    Driving too slow will cause transmission downshift.
    MT – Get to 5th gear ASAP
    Driving too slow causes ‘lugging’
    Minimise weight
    Do not carry unnecessary weight in your vehicle.
    Air-conditioners need fuel
    Run with air-cond off when the weather permits.
    Minimise weight
    Do not carry unnecessary weight in your vehicle.

    You are one of the owner of Proton New Saga BLM? Share your sincere fact about your saga fuel consumption here. We would like to know the truth.

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    28 Responses

    1. AHMAD NOOR FAZLY says:

      pada 9/3/09 yg lalu sy menggunakan proton saga BLM 1.3 auto. saya memulakan perjalanan dari machang, kelantan dan berakhir di gombak.jumlah minyak kereta ini ialah rm 50 utk perjalanan tersebut..

    2. AHMAD says:


    3. AHMAD NOOR FAZLY says:

      brape jam lak klu bwk bwh 2000 rpm tu.. ke kete saudara yang lembab mcm tu…

    4. saya berpendapat dengan ahmad noor fazly.
      saya menggunakan proton saga BLM 1.3 (A) dengan kelajuan 110km/j dari Pulau Pinang ke Gopeng.
      minyak dalam rm40++

    5. vandegary says:

      44 km/L, it must be an extreme driving condition!

      < 2000 rpm, which mean for MT is 60 km/h and switch off the air-cond.

    6. maal4553 says:

      sy drive dr sipitang ke solob…(100km), myk rm10.
      jln berbukit…byk lori balak…kira ok la tu..

    7. samasaja says:

      dalam pengalaman saya , saya nak share dengan kamu semua ialah i pernah guna myvi se auto juga dengan ambil masa 3 jam pergi ke perak gunakan RM13 (rm1.92/l) untuk dalam 168km. b4 i start i turn the meter to zero then oni i start. that day is the day b4 chinese new year at 1pm (hot day with strong air con) i start the jouney . Dalam perjalanan saya munggunakan highway dan jalanan biasa. masa itu sesak juga, banyak traffic light. speed saya 60-130km/h, kebanyakan masa saya guna 100km/h. kebanyakan masa kereta di depan sepanjang highway banyak kereta suddenly break sebab tu la saya tak berani pandu cepat . so i maintain 100km/h di highway.kamu semua rasa selesa tak selalu pandu kereta dalam 60km/h. hari itu saya takut bayar saman rm300 . oleh itu saya ikut speed 60km/h di jalan raya biasa di perak. banyak kereta ikut belakang saya macam ikut lori. mereka potong kereta dan pantang siapa pandu lambat ini. saya katakan doing test sekali bolehlah, jika di highway atau kl, sesiapa akan bawa 60 km/h. saya rasa banyak pemandu belakang sudah bunyi “hon” ke depan kereta itu.finally i think this test will bring no result/ benefit to us . this test wont make any different to whom alrdy wan to buy the car. coz the price not because of the petrol save. i believe that in Malaysia majority ppl will buy this car because their salary is low and cannot afford to buy 40k + car. or not why we should buy this car. all the brand the petrol used are almost the same . so i dun think they will think on petrol.

    8. carlintelek says:

      I am new Saga (MT) user for half year
      I very doubt about the commercial which state early on the year 2009: from Shah Alam to Ipoh only take fuel cost RM 8.60 (MT)
      I got drive from there before with condition below:
      1) Average 90km/h
      2) No turn on Air-cond (i’m driving during late night-4am)
      but after i’m calculate the fuel consumption take over RM 20
      so very far away from the statement
      if the different +/- about RM 2 to RM3 i’m still aceeptable the statement
      but there is more than 1 time

      So i’m very doubt about the commercial
      they didn’t note any condition at all
      at highway or in city road?

      If drive 2000rpm with about 60km/h speed, there are very “funny” and believe no body will do that in highway and will be get “horn” as samasaja said

      as i opinion the commercial must use general driving methode for get more evidence to prove that They are really saving fuel
      and not a extreme condition
      I saw a 1 of the car brocure before,
      they state all the condition clearly with 3rd party instituition
      Drive with 90km/h at all the road condition and using a average calculation for the fuel consumption
      that will be more convincing consumer

      From that commercial. i believe that no many people will believe that!!!!
      including me

    9. figo says:

      Utk pengetahuan, saya telah menggunakan saga BLM utk tempoh 10bulan..
      saya tidak rasakan saga blm adalah sebuah kenderaan yg economical kerana “feul consumption yg terlalu tinggi” sberbanding kereta2 lain.
      saya amat kecewa memiliki kenderaan ini..
      Avarage seminggu utk 5 hari bekerja, sy isi rm50 dengan jarak 150km..
      jadi, sehari, utk jarak 30Km shj..saya perlu mengisi rm10…sangat menyedihkan!!!!! proton perlu perbaiki campro dan jangan sekali2 membuat cerita dongeng akan kebagusan enjin mereka…

    10. Unknown says:

      Will need to ask how they do it. Definitely not using the regular driving methods.

      Over in the states, such mileage can be done by “pulse and glide” i.e. drive to 80km/h and glide till you reach 60km/h and repeat again. Doing so the glide from 80 to 60 will not use much fuel at all hence the extreme fuel savings.

      Pulse and glide can help, but adopting this practically on everyday routine is a question.

    11. Joko says:

      Apa2 pun, ini adalah hasil dari pertandingan penjimatan minyak. makanya dah tentulah semua aspek yg membantu mengurangkan penggunaan minyak akan diutamakan, seperti berat muatan dah tentu boot kosong seboleh mungkin, angin dalam tayar, minyak enjin baru, juga cara pemanduan se sekata yg boleh, bukan pecut2 kalau boleh masa turun bukit lepas minyak ajer.

      Kita tak boleh samakan hasil ini dalam keadaan biasa sehari2. seperti cara pemanduan, beban yg dibawa, keadaan enjin dan sebagainya. Itu pasal lah tak sama. Apa2 pun 44km/l tu kira okeylah… maknanya kalau isi minyak 10 liter atau RM18 bolehlah pergi kelantan kalau dari KL..

    12. gen2 lama says:

      heheh…kete saya isi RM9.00 boleh sampai Air Hitam Johor dari KL….

      tapi NGV la…..maaf merapu.

    13. Joko says:


      Nak pegi lebih jauh tak balik2 … ko tukar pakai LPG .. hee hee lagi merapu..

    14. Abg nizam says:

      Sebenarnya mana2 model kereta pun tak jimat minyak, saya pernah bawa myvi, minyak rasanya tak banyak beza pun dengan BLM ni, BLM mungkin lebih sedikit, tapi yang penting keselesaan pemandu dan penumpang. Kadang bukan kita nak komen apa, contoh bila balik kampung musim perayaan, saya amat kasihan pada pemandu Myvi yang berkeluarga, sanggup mengadai nyawa memandu dengan keadaan cermin belakang ditutupi dengan pelbagai barang yang nak dibawa pulang kekampung, terpulang pada individu tersebut untuk memilih kenderaan apa yang mereka pakai. Bagi saya keselesaan dan keselamatan penumpang menjadi keutamaan, Jangan sebab nak jimat minyak, nyawa sekeluarga jadi taruhan.

      Tepuk dada Tanya selera.. Tekan minyak lebih tanya hati….

      Apapun.. Proton Is The Best…..

    15. Comment says:

      MyVi lebih sesuai sebagai kereta ke-2. Tempat letak barang mmg agak kecil. Saga mmg mempunyai ruang bagasi yang agak sesuai utk yang berkeluarga. Lagipun harga MyVi dah boleh beli Saga dan ada lebihan lagi. Belilah kenderaan dengan mengambil keperluan ruang barang juga.

    16. redisrock says:

      myvi lebih kepada style….hargenye cam xsepadan je ngan keretenye…lawa mmg lawa…
      saga bleyla, enjin same cc, body besa, ade ruang bagasi…harge pun mmg mampu milik…lawa gak…

    17. LorenzOOOOooOOOo says:

      SAGA BLM~~~~~~~

      SAME AS………

      SAVVY~~~~oR~~~~ ( SAWI )

      All is about the PROPOGANDA only !!

      Must always be smart users !!


      MUST study and survey about engine, tech, FC, QUALITY, and smart users always think their worthiness !!!

      MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    18. chipotato says:

      Setuju dgn joko.. Bila dikatakan bertanding, semua aspek penjimatan adalah diutamakan, x kiralah slow mcmne sekalipun style peserta tu drive, yg penting mana yg lebih jauh KM adalah pemenang. Banyak la pertandingan mcm ni diadakan oleh setiap pengeluar kereta.. Cara mereka drive pun sama x guna aircond, tekanan tayar yg betul and mcm2 lg laa.. So dlm pertandingan ni, BLM telah buktikan pemenang acara yg dianjurkan merekodkan 1 liter boleh gerak sejauh 44KM yg disahkan oleh AAM Verification & Audit. So acara ni bukanlah sengaja wat gebang jee..
      Motif artikel ni sebenarnye nak menunjukkan kemampuan kereta buatan nasional juga mampu berdaya saing dgn model2 yg kain dalam pertandingan yg memang pengeluar kereta lain buat. Kalau diikutkan spesifikasi FC utk kereta ni dlm buku manual pu dlm 14km/l je..
      So, jgn la emosi dgn artikel yg disiarkn ni.

    19. Joko says:


      aku pernah pergi showroom nissan dan ada satu poster rekod kemenangan jarak paling jauh oleh sepasang suami isteri bangsa cina, ko tau berapa Glivina 1.6 dia boleh pergi.. 46km/l. Aku pun tak percaya dan SA dia pun gelak ajer bila aku kata itu semua borak/tipu. Tapi dlm pertandingan, senario dan kaedahnya mestilah lain.
      oleh itu tak mustahillah jarak tersebut boleh dicapai.

    20. chipotato says:

      aku baru je pegi carefour ptg td, ade lak pameran Glivina tu.. SA kt situ ckp rekod dia leh g 56km/l auto lg tu..
      pergghh.. bayang la engine 1.6 leh jimat cmtu, tp aku de dgr byk org ckp engine nissan ni bagus..
      tgk engine kecik je, besar lg campro 1.6.. mmg dr segi HP nissan kalah tp torque nissan tggi banding campro, sbb tu lebih jimat myk.
      tp dr segi hiasan interior Glivina tu menang exora la bg aku. Nway, masing2 punye citarasa sendiri kan.

    21. ttj says:

      Been driving Saga BLM Manual for about a year now. Consumption quite bad. Normal town driving (alone with no passenger) only get RM30 for 150km (RM1.80/L). If pickup gently, change to free gear when going downhill or when nearing traffic lights, can only get 180km for RM30. Have been calculating fuel consumption for the past one year and every time the same.

      Outstation (highway driving 5 person with air con on and booth full of barang) fuel consumption is very good if car is driven 110km/h and below, occassionally 120km/h when overtaking. I get RM20 for 215km which is the distance from JB to Malacca, when I balik kampong. This works out to be 9 sen per km. or 19.35km per Litre. Very good indeed. But if you speed at 130km/h and above, then the fuel consumption is about the same as town driving, very bad.

    22. sss says:

      I can tell one thing. proton CHEATED every customer who bought proton BLM. it is rubbish it is a fuel saving car. rubbish la. purely rubbish. first bar can go till 150km. after that last 3 bar can last only 50km. pure bullshit la. screw proton la. hell la this fullers. just bullshiting all the customers.

    23. THC says:

      The car’s body is heavy, thats why the fuel consumption will not be that economical if you accelerate hard.

    24. namumora says:

      nak jimat sangat naik basikal la..orang pakai kereta ni dah x kisah ngan minyak..itu satu keperluan..mcm beli handset, kena beli topup…

    25. norman says:

      Bro semua pengeluar catatkan 6L per 100 KM tu semua berdasarkan test drive 90kmh tak lebih dari tu dan seorang saja yang memandu pakai air con setting paling kecik.Abih kalao dah bawak ank beranak pakai air con dah mcm salji takkan dapat 6l per 100 km jugak.Cuba renungkan.Diorang test semua kebanyakan track atau road yang tak busy

    26. 921 says:

      bro.. aku antara yang awal jugak la dpt pakai saga blm ni 1.3AT M-Line.. dah dkt setahun 8 bln jgak la.. erm.. klu nk kire fuel consumption ni depend jgk… byk aspek kene tgk.. cm yg korg sume ckp.. pengalaman aku.. tmpt keje aku kt area pudu, rumah area gombak.. jln jem cm biase la.. ari2 guna kete. RM40/200km++ la.. lg lame jem lg byk la petrol.. baru2 ni blk raye jhr. dr kl aku x isi mnyak coz br kurg 1 bar. smpai machap isi full kt petronas (R&R machap RM41.++) pastu g skudai stay 4 hari, pusing2 area skudai, tmn u, g meraye.. then blk KL sabtu 10mlm, smpai seremban aku isi plak full smpai mlimpah beb RM51.92, 403.4km.. kt hway aku bwa average 110-125km/h.. bg aku ok la.. jg service, angin tyr (empat2) 200 jer xlebih xkurang, aligmnt+balancing.. sume tu kene kire jgk.. klu main hentam jer.. jgn kate proton, brabus pun bleh hancur beb.. lg 1 klu kt hway 1st bar tu bleh pegi dlm 90-100km, speed av. 110-120km/h kdg2 cecah gak 130km/h, penumpang 4 org + brg2 lg.. 2nd & 3rd bar tu dlm 70-80km.. aku pnah test dr skudai ke gombak dlm 390km petrol dlm RM38 (RM1.80/L)… air-cond psg, speed av110-120kmh.. nway depend.. itu la sdikit sbanyk pngalaman aku..

    27. awe kelate says:

      blm la bagus..kete perodua ni sume xde bontot.

    28. WC says:

      When I drive a Toyota Hilux 4×2 A/T 2.5TID, @100km/h rpm is 2,000 but my BLM’s rpm is above 3,000.

      When I go 140km/h its rpm is somewhere above 5,000.

      Engine revving very noisily.

      When I drive 22-year old Nissan Sunny 1.5L between KL-KB 6 hours journey, the fastest. Must occasionally touches 160km/h to compensate dozens of delays along journey.

      Before reaching KB town, about another 20-30km distance, permanent low fuel warning light lights up. This is from a 50L full tank.

      What’s BLM’s full tank 40L? 35L? 45L?

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