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    Vehicles plate number will be controlled by government and the specific criteria will be implemented to prevent forgery and crime.Read the full news from Bernama below.


    KUALA LUMPUR, May 3 — The government plans to control the production vehicle licence plates, among others to prevent falsification of such plates for criminal purposes.

    Transport Minister Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat said the move was also to ensure the plates followed set specifications.

    He said this when winding up debate on the Royal address for his ministry in the Dewan Negara Monday.

    “I wish to stress that the people will not be burdened when this step is implemented. However, the government needs to control the production of vehicle licence plates in order to curb forgery and crime,” he said, adding that the government had yet to fix the criteria for the appointment of authorised suppliers for uniform vehicle licence plates.

    Presently, vehicle licence plates are made by vehicle accessory shops and signboard makers without much control or standardisation.

    Meanwhile, Ong said the traffic Automatic Enforcement System (AES) to be introduced shortly was expected to raise the ‘perception of being caught’ (POBC) from the 25 per cent now to at least 85 per cent when fully implemented.

    “Now, the accident rate index stands at 3.6 for every 10,000 vehicles and 23.5 for each 100,000 residents.

    “According to studies by the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety (Miros), a rise of the POBC to 75 per cent is good enough to change driving habits by 85 per cent,” he said, adding that the system had been found to be effective in a number of countries.

    The Dewan was told that 831 locations deemed accident “hot spots” had been identified for use of the system of which 566 were where drivers were prone to speeding while 265 were traffic light junctions.

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