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    Novitec ,a german tuner had pimped out an italian sports hatchback. They had introduced a comprehensive modification package for the new Alfa Romeo MiTo which features both performance and styling treatments. Novitec offers upgrades for three MiTo engines, which the most powerful is the 1.4-liter turbocharged gasoline unit which gains an extra 31HP and a 30Nm bump for an overall output of 186HP and 260Nm of torque.


    A sprint from zero to 100 km/h takes 7.4 second, 0.6 second faster than the standard 155hp engine which can be found on the stock standard Mito.


    For the diesel models, Novitec’s ECU kit boosts the 1.3-liter JTD’s output from 90HP to 110HP while the 1.6-liter JTD delivers 144HP, up from 120HP. The tuner claims that peak torque is increased in both cases by around 50Nm. Tuned engines can also be upgraded with a sport rear muffler with one, two or four tailpipes.


    Besides the power upgrades, handling had been taken care as well. They offers two suspension modification solutions. The first one is one is only a simple lowering kit which lowered the MiTo 40mm closer to the ground. And the second solution is an fully adjustable ride height and dampers stainless steel coilover suspension.The adjustable coilover gives the MiTo a firmer ride and allow the driver to lower the car’s ride height between 35mm and 65mm.


    As for the appearance, the sports hatch is fitted with a new bodykit that includes a three-piece front apron, side skirts, a rear apron with an integrated diffuser and a roof spoiler.Under the wheel arch is a set of silver or black 18-inch alloy wheels wrapped with a set of 215/35 R18 Pirelli rubber all around


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