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    Message:I found this articles from one website and I would like to share with the other readers in KDI.Enjoy.. =)

    Below are the articles…

    This is not good for Honda Malaysia’s publicity: In the photos is a Honda Accord  plastered with stickers stating “My Honda Tak Guna”, which stands for “My Honda Useless” in English. This car belongs to Mr Jess Ross, who is apparently so unsatisfied with his car and Honda  Malaysia’s service that he resorted to plastering his own car with stickers and parking outside the sales outlet which sold him the car.

    Mr Ross is not shy on details, too, listing a number of reasons—on his car, of course—why he thinks his 15-month-old Accord is useless: “Brakes Locked While Driving”, “Screeching Sound From Tires”, “Brake Pads Wear Out Very Fast”, “Brake Disc Replaced After 9 Months”, with an arrow pointing towards the car’s front right wheel, presumably the brakes.

    His antics aroused the interest of The Malay Mail, a local newspaper, whose report quoted Mr Ross as saying “Three months after buying the car, the rear brakes started giving way. After having these replaced by Honda, the same problem occurred three months later with the brakes giving way in the middle of the road”.

    With his Accord’s brakes still screeching and juddering after the fourth time of service, Mr Ross wants his entire car replaced or for Honda Malaysia to buy back the lemon. However, according to the report, Honda Malaysia is presently only willing to service and repair the car. Which probably explains why Mr Ross has undertaken these drastic measures, hoping for more publicity that might force Honda Malaysia’s hand. How will this end? More stickers? Parking outside Honda Malaysia’s headquarters? Civil lawsuit?… definitely not pretty.”


    IZ: Thank you Razak for sharing with us… Interesting topics and the pictures make me laugh.. –Every car has its own problems–

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    1. Ashikin says:

      I also have problem with my new accord which bought nov 2015. When heavy rain whether I drive the car or car was parked, will notice some leaking under dashboard. Complaints and sent for repairing three times but recently it still happen. Anyone have same problem can sharing with me what actual happen because service centre cannot discover the problem. Thanks

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