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    As per the title above, we would like to know more about your experience using a magsaver as a fuel saver device. And here i am going to share a little bit information regarding the Magsaver fuel saver device for those who didn’t have any ideas about the magnet fuel saver and how it works. For those who have used it, please give your comment and magsaver review here as a guide for all car owner.



    The number one topic that people are discussing around the world is the high price for gasoline and diesel. A primary factor affecting the economy of a nation, a state, a city, or even a family, is the price of fuel. Families cut back on shopping for new products because their budgets are impacted by the rising gas prices. It costs more to fly because a “fuel surcharge” is added to the ticket cost, thereby causing some people to postpone their trip to grandma’s, or delay their vacation. Businesses are also impacted because the cost of sales rises with the cost of fuel… Municipalities are adversely affected as well. These actions are not limited to the Malaysia, but are global in scope.

    According to Magsaver Malaysia:

    Magsaver is designed to condition the fuel prior to combustion to increase power output, save fuel, and reduce emissions.

    Magsaver can help engine to burn fuel more efficiently
    Magsaver let your car run more miles per gallon
    Magsaver will improve engine performance
    Magsaver will reduce emissions
    Magsaver will clean air


    Magsaver gadgets increase combustion efficiency for a cleaner burning engine. This reduces harmful emissions while increasing engine performance.

    The passage of fuel through the magnetic energy field causes the hydrocarbon molecules become realigned into and orderly pattern. The newly created positive molecules tend to remain in the fuel mixture and not migrate to the fuel line which would result in greater oxidation thus giving higher burning performance and efficiency
    MAGSAVER is a powerful yet simple device that works on all old or new vehicles, whether it runs on petrol, diesel and even gas, carburetor or injected fuel system such as i-Vtec, VVTi, VANOS, VTC, CAMPRO, CPS, SUPERCHARGER, TURBOCHARGER or any other condition whatsoever.


    In fact, the more corroded, dirty and gummed a vehicle fuel system is, the more noticeable the improvement in performance in mileage. You will notice an immediate improvement in power and acceleration after the proper installation of MAGSAVER fuel activation. You will experience sudden changes in your engine that will run smoothly and a noticeable of an increase of speed. This is a direct correlation to more complete burning of the fuel. The stabilization period is amount of use (time) it takes to dissolve the carbon/ varnish build up and fully saturate (magnetize) all the system combustion chamber. Economy may initially fluctuate as the carbon and varnish particles break off and dissolve in the system. After the stabilization period the system will run smoother and start easier. The stabilization period last approximately 1000 – 3000 km of journey (for engine older than 5 years).

    How Magnetic Fuel Saver Works

    Neodymium magnets are used in many facets of science, physics, chemistry and commercial industry. Also known as rare earth magnets…they play a huge role in today’s machinery, computer hard drives, motors and medical equipment.


    Furthermore, with our unique combination of Gauss strength, cross polarity, magnetic flux angle and unique magnetic flux direction, MAGSAVER surpasses most of the other magnetic fuel savers available in the market.

    MAGSAVER will produce a strong magnetic field or “energy” field. When fuel flow through this magnetic field, the fuel molecules are become started more active and will realign in the direction of the magnetic field. This increased molecular activity caused by the directional magnetic “energy” field that will cause fuel molecules clusters to break up where clusters form, this cause the individual molecules to be more aggressively and more completely combine with other compounds. This allows the fuel molecules to more readily and more completely combine with oxygen during combustion (burn) in the firing chamber cylinder of a combustion engine.

    The magnetic field will penetrates the fuel line (Rubber or metal), causing clusters of hydrocarbon molecules to separate. Now that more fuel is exposed to oxygen needed for combustion, helping fuel burn better more completely and cleanly. In addition built up engine deposits of carbon and varnish are eliminated so engine can run more smoothly and increase the power.

    MATCHED PAIR of magnet that generate a strong frequency resonance between its two faces. One half to function as a receiver and the other half as transmitter are creating and driving a magnetic field perpendicular to the direction of the fuel flow, penetrating any fuel line (metal or rubber). Regardless of the fuel used (Petrol, Diesel or Gas). The fuel molecules will energized, enabling them to more readily combine with oxygen for more efficient combustion. There is less emissions (unburned or partially burned fuel) and less total volume of fuel needed to provide an equal amount of power.

    MAGSAVER uses this powerful magnetic material to produce powerful, focused, sharply reversing magnetic fields. This special magnetic resonance produces a significant impact fuel passing through the magnetic field of the device. With the price of fuel increasing year by year it has become very costly and we are paying more and more at the pump and getting less kilometer (mileage) for our money.


    We have tested a few magnetic fuel saver product before that used the neodymium magnet installed to the fuel line on engine and the result is the same in fuel consumption but very little effect in performance and not the fuel consumption. How about you?


    So what is your review about this stuff? Have you used any of the magnetic fuel saver in Malaysia? How was it? Share your experience with us and the readers here.

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    30 Responses

    1. diegienismo says:

      Salam all,
      It is really work? i never try but i pretty sure it not work. take a while and thinking why all honda/toyota/nissan and also proton work for hybrid..because this thing is just a tiny improvement.It same like optimize your tyre pressure.

      How about you all..

    2. pak man says:

      saya telah mengunakan MAGSAVAR selama 3thun memang menjimatkan saya pakai kembara 1.3m fuel terok dari pg ke segamat fuel RM60 sehala tapi selepas pakai MEGASEVER memang memeranjatkan ……………..Wou! RM 50 pergi dan balik kan ajaip tu! tacaya cuba .

    3. azhar70 says:

      Salam, harap para penjual dapat bersikap jujur dengan pembeli. Rezeki yg kita dpt hari ni juga akan diambilkira dihari kemudian juga. Terlalu gyk cerita yg tak berapa elok didengar tentang produk2 yg mcm ni. Betul boleh jimat sampai 35%?? Ada testimonial dari pengguna beserta no hp skali? kalu ada sy pun nak beli gak…salam

    4. Ahmad says:

      diegienismo on July 12th, 2009 at 4:48 pm:

      Salam all,
      It is really work? i never try but i pretty sure it not work. take a while and thinking why all honda/toyota/nissan and also proton work for hybrid..because this thing is just a tiny improvement.It same like optimize your tyre pressure.

      How about you all..

      Dear all,
      Agreed with above. If it really effective, I think carmaker like BMW, Merc, Toyota, Honda ect..would already fix it to their engine as standard in order to save more fuel. No point they develop i-VTEC, DVVT, VVTI and so on if this product really proven to save petrol. This just my assumption only.

      Awaiting other comments.

    5. azameel says:

      aku pelik btol,
      sejak bilela HKS buat bende ni
      personal point of view aku la
      maybe benda ni punya effectivity tlampau rendah sgt kot
      tpi aku x pcaye bende ni btol2 menjadi

    6. mr.eims says:

      it works. maybe the effect is small but i’m quite sure my magsaver works. for my car, maybe.
      but i dont know wether other brands/type of magnetic fuelsaver works or not.

      for magsaver user, make sure u fitted it correctly, i mean the 4 magnets should be pushing away from eachother.
      (ada kawan aku yg bagi magsaver tu kat aku, dia pasang tak betul, patut la tak jadi.)

      and be careful when fitting it since the magnet is realy strong, I myself bleed my finger once while adjusting the magnet’s position.
      (memang bapaloh & menyakitkan ati la kalau nak bukak n pasang balik menatang tu,,)

      p/s: aku rasa yg HKS tu macam tak berapa betul je. brand tiru kot.

    7. kej@m says:

      susah nk percaye mende² mcm nie..kdg² tu, harge mcm tak masuk akal jer..
      padahal, material yg digunakan tu biase jer…contohnya magnet nie la…mesti mahal mende nie..

    8. mr.eims says:

      kej@m dh penah tgk/pegang magsaver punya magnet tak?

      i guess its realy not a normal magnet. memang boleh buat tangan luka kalau silap wat.
      masa pasang tu,sepatutnya magnet dia menentang, tapi silap buat, magnet dia buleh flip over dan kepit jari ko.
      kalau bende fuelsaver lain, magnet tak kuat, aku pun penah survey kat kedai, tapi magsaver lain.

      well.aku bukan nk iklan. just replying to ur comment. just my oppinion / ;)

    9. kej@m says:

      aku pgg tu xpenah tp tgk jer…sbb die ltk dlm almari kaca..
      bape ye harge die..hmm..member aku ske la mende² mcm nie…

    10. Joko says:

      Aku nak cerita pengalaman aku sendiri menggunakan gajet magsaver ni utk Waja 1.6 MT Campro, mula2 aku aku perati lepas pasang magnet ni, rpm aku turun, maknanya kalau dulu 3000 rpm speed aku 100km/j, tapi lepas pasang, dia naik 110 -120km/j. Maknanya ada penambahan kelajuan untuk tekanan minyak yg sama.

      Selain itu magnet ini berfungsi untuk memastikan semua bahan bakar terbakar penuh, tiada saki bahan karbon berlebihan tertinggal. Utk mamastikan fungsi ini berkesan, kita kena pastikan dalam trotle body Ifi nyer bersih atau sudah diservis baru nampak keberkesanan penjimatannya. Utk itu aku masukkan satu botol liquid pencuci ifi dalam tangki minyak dan gantikan spark plug baru.

      Selepas dua minggu baru aku nampak keberkesanannya fungsi penjimatan ini pada kereta waja tu. Betul kata Mr. eim dan Pak Man, memang menjimatkan. aku isi penuh tangki boleh pegi balik ke JB dari KL.

      Cuma yg jenis HKS ni, dia lebih besar saiznya, dan aku dah pasang pada GLivina 1.6 AT aku, tapi tak nampak apa2 perubahan dari segi penjimatan. Harapkan besor ajer lah. Rasanya nak bukak balik dan pasang jenis magsaver jugak.

      Apa2 pun, cubalah dulu pasang kat kereta sendiri, baru bleh citer..

    11. kdi says:

      Yup2.. haha.. betul tu.. sebenarnya magnet ni memang ada datangkan kesan terutamanya pada performance. KDI penah pakai dulu 2 jenis magnet. satu kecik n satu besar. kecik fit to kancil n besar fit to myvi. memang ade beza kalo yg besar tu. brand cikai beli rm50 je. yg kecik tu pun ada beza gak cam joko cakap. penjimatan dapat rasa masa long distance. enjin lebih relax.

      tu kalo pakai brand cikai je. kalo pakai yg mahal rasa lagi bagus. cam magsaver, die punye magnet memang beza. lagi kuat. sebab dorang ada buat special polarization n magnetization. Jadi fuel particles tu spread lagi banyak. Yg Joko cakap tu sume mmg kesan yg betul la.

      Tapi ade gak org yg claim xde penjimatan. Maybe sbab dorang rasa performance je naik, pastu lagi syok main tekan2 minyak. kalo ade yg dh penah try magsaver n xde rasa kesan die, bleh share kat sini.

    12. chan says:

      sori coz nk tnya ni x berkaitan magsaver..
      ade x sape2 yg ade experience ngan SURBO..
      leh share?
      coz ade member2 gtau bgus jgk bendalah 2..
      kdi tlg review psl ni..

    13. Joko says:

      Aku bukan nak citer pasal surbo ni, tapi micro compressor dan aku tak pasti samada konsep dia sama ke tidak. Aku ada pasang sebijik micro compresor yang sambung T-Joint dengan Vacum pipe pada Efi unit.

      Kaler memang mantap, biru sport, siap dengan meter air presure dan nat boleh laras, harga satu set dekat RM200. Tapi hampeh. Minyak aku lagi kuat di telan nyer. Power dlm 2 ke 5% ajer improve. Last2 aku buka balik dan pasang paip vacum ori balik. nasib baik pomen tak modi lagi pipe ori. Kemungkinan (hasil maklumat dlm internet) konsep air compressor ni tak memberi kesan pada enjin yg guna eletronik injection.. sebab dia ada sensor yg detect berapa banyak angin masuk akan diseimbangkan secara auto dengan kadar fuel masuk. Mungkin berkesan pada jenis carburator biasa.

      Menyesal lak beli itu hari, rasa nak ajer aku cucuk lubang hidung tokey yg promote tu ngan micro compressor ni.

    14. kej@m says:

      yeke joko…aku penah la pasang mende nie kt kete member aku..ok jer…
      die pki satria 1.5..sblm psg mende tu, kete die xde power bile masuk gear 3 ke ats..tp bile aku psgkan mende tu kt die,
      trus ok kete die..psl setting angin die, aku main blasah jer..sbb aku xtau..tp xde la plak kuat minyk…
      kalo xsilp aku, dh 2 thun lbh dh mende tu kt kete die…smpi skrg la..

    15. Joko says:

      Itulah yg aku geram tu.. puas dah aku pulas2 nat seting dia, tapi cam tu gak. May be power tu ada lah sikit. Tapi bila minyak dia macam lebih ajer, aku risaulah jugak. Kawan ko tu pasang jenis surbo ker micro comp..? Atau mungkin sistem CVTC livina tak bleh terima micro compresor ni..

    16. kej@m says:

      kawan aku pki micro comp..
      agknye kot..livina nie die xnk agknye mende pelik² nie agknye…tu yg xmenjadi tu…

    17. kdi says:

      Ayoyo dah alih topic lak.. Chan, kitorang dah buat review lama dulu pasal surbo ni.. bleh rujuk kat sini..


      search je kat kdi ni.. semua ada.. macam2 ada.. haha..

    18. chan says:

      sori2x bro..
      xprasan lerrr..

    19. Joko says:

      Alamak kejam, pendawa dah marah… cabuuutt hee hee

    20. kej@m says:


    21. nazri says:

      ni personal experience aku la ek..
      aku da pakai magsaver ni da dekat setahun
      takde perubahan pun… so rugi jer.. last2 nk lebih kilometer aku pakai ngv.. settle masalah

      fc aku masa dulu 13.5km/l – saga blm

      kalau pakai ngv.. full tank leh pergi 150km town, blk kampung 160++KM… full tank baru rm8

    22. nazri says:

      ni aku nk jual balik… hhehe


    23. fordthrothle says:

      Nak bg pendpt sket ni…
      Bkn ke medan magnet akan berkurang bila di kenakan haba…
      Kena plak magsaver tu duk kat dlm bonet enjin….
      Panas tuu…..
      Lagi panas lagi kurang medan magnet…..
      Btol ker????

      Please advice…

    24. chipotato says:

      ko pakai waja campro rupanye.. sblm guna magsaver tu, speed kete mmg 100km/j utk rpm 3000 ke..
      rasanye semua campro 1.6 akan pegi 110 – 115km/j utk rpm 3000 untuk engine standard.

    25. john says:

      Macam mana speed boleh naik pada RPM 3000 dari 100 kmj ke 110 kmj. Setau aku utk kereta manual kalau gear ratio kita tak kacau, engine speed (RPM) dan kmj tak akan berubah. Aku pernah baca article dlm majalah Popular Mechanics mengenai alat penjimatan petrol. Depa dah test beberapa alat secara saintifik ( guna Dyno, sebelum & selepas etc). Kesimpulannya, tiada penjimatan minyak.

      Aku sendiri pernah pakai satu magnet ‘Fuel Saver’ utk Perdana V6. Hasilnye juga tiada perbezaan.

    26. PD says:

      This is a SCAM. See EPA analysis that shows NO BENEFIT whatsoever !! Besides if it was real all car manufacturers would have it installed right from the beginning.

    27. chedin says:

      saya dah pakai lama Magsaver dari tahun 2003 pada wira…..dah tukar kereta ke5 dah…masih pakai magnet yg sama ^ kuasa magnetnya tak hilang kerana magnet yg dipakai jenis neodymium boleh tahan suhu sehingg 350 celcius

    28. chedin says:

      kalau ada yang berminat boleh follow IG: #magsaverfuelsaver

    29. muhammad zulqarnain says:

      boleh saya tahu siapa pengedar magsaver yang masih aktif,saya nak beli 1set magsaver….whatsapps saya 0127312539

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