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    New contribution by LR8

    We are a dynamic new company created for the twenty-tens.  With the noughties already behind us, we wanted to produce a trailblazing range of drinks that weren’t loaded with caffeine, that tasted great and provided an energy boost when really needed.   So we have crossed continents, scoured the earth, squeezed, squashed and crushed fruits, extracted vitamins and selected minerals from across the world to bring you LR8: a range of drinks blended entirely from natural ingredients.

    We are proudly associated with Lotus Racing as one of its major sponsors. With such sponsorship come ethical obligations. As a race team owned by a consortium based in Malaysia we have ensured that the LR8 range complies with Sharia law and may be halal certificated. Similarly our drinks are Kosher.

    As we promote our range across the world so we recognise that valuable resources are being used. We are proud to pledge 1% of our net annual sales to social and environmental projects. Working with small not-for-profit organisations, charities and local communities our aim is to preserve and restore the natural environment, plant sustainable crops for our ingredients and build infrastructure for future generations freeing them from the on-going poverty cycle.

    We actively support recycling and over the course of the next few months we will be launching events around the world to ensure that our cans do not simply end up in landfill. An aluminium can is the most sustainable and valuable form of drinks container to community recycling bodies. We can make a difference if you help us by recycling.

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