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    Group Lotus has successfully completed year one of a five year plan and they are making good progress on the development of the new Esprit which will be the first of the new models to go on sale.They also have made some adjustments to their plans.Read the full news from Bernama below.


    KUALA LUMPUR, June 3 — Group Lotus is making good progress on the development of the new Esprit, the first of the new models to go on sale, said its chief executive officer, Dany Bahar.

    As part of the transformation plan to turn around Lotus, the new Esprit will hit the market in spring 2013, followed by the new Elan in autumn 2013, the new Elise in spring 2014, the new Elite in spring 2014 and the Eterne in spring 2015.

    In a statement Friday, Bahar said Group Lotus had made some adjustments to its plan to satisfy customers, the media and the industry based on feedback received since unveiling four new models at the Paris Auto Show last year.

    He said feedback regarding the Elan is that it is too close in style and positioning to the Esprit.

    “The delivery of the Elan has been delayed, not cancelled. This allows us to focus more on the Evora, which I believe, has fantastic potential,” he added.

    Another major development, he said is that the company, was developing its own engine to use for in its future cars for the “pure Lotus experience”.

    Bahar also said motorsport in general is a key ingredient to marketing strategy.

    “We have always been and will always be an automotive brand that is associated with racing. People always question the cost but, believe me, if we couldn’t afford it we wouldn’t do it,” he added.

    Group Lotus is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Proton Holdings.

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